One more week….

Last night we had our going away party here in Houston. We are so lucky to have such a supportive network of friends here and it was so awesome how many of them came to send us off.

Three of our best friends- Alicia, Allen and Ashley did a great job of putting everything together and communicating with everyone. The bar we had it at was the same one that we went to after our wedding (almost one year ago) so it felt almost like an Alkek wedding reunion.

Alicia got everyone to send her pictures and letters and made us the cutest book that I’m so excited to bring with us. There were many laughs and even some tears shed but it was such a fun night that was the perfect farewell to this chapter of our life.

We leave exactly one week from today and in the meantime we are residing in Alicia and Ian’s guest room. Now to address some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are you moving?
A: Travis got a great opportunity within Halliburton to go do his job in Australia. We couldn’t really turn that down!

Q: How long will you be there and will you come back to Houston?
A: Anywhere from 1-3 years and then who knows where we will be, Houston is always a viable option.

Q: Are you excited?
A: Yes! We are very excited to go but we are sad to leave all our friends.

Q: What are you going to do?
A: I have no idea- but something or else I will text Travis incessantly and online shop all day. No, I’m not going to teach and especially not English because they speak it already.

I think that is all for now. I need to get my beauty rest- we have a busy week of closing on our first home and eating our body weight in queso.


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