We Made It!!

We finally made it after 26 hours of traveling! We got in yesterday early afternoon and spent the rest of the day following the Randy Rhoads law of not falling asleep all day to beat the jetlag. Our temporary apartment/hotel is located right in the middle of the Central Business District and just down the road from Travis’ office.

We went exploring and ended up in the Queen Street Mall. The  Queen Street Mall is not just one indoor mall it’s lots of shops and multiple indoor/outdoor shopping centers that extend 1,600 ft and cover 430,000 square feet ( thanks, Wikipedia!). It has over 700 different stores, I have never in my life seen so many different stores in one place! The strangest thing is they all close down at 5pm. We went out looking for a place to eat dinner and all the little cafes and restaurants we walked by during the day were already closed. So today we walked to the grocery store and got things to make dinner, luckily our apartment has a full kitchen and supplies.


Today we went back into the mall to look for some things and then had lunch on a nice little lawn in the middle of the downtown area. There were all these creepy looking birds lurking around waiting for us to drop our food.


After lunch we drove around with our relocation lady to see all the different neighborhoods (they call them suburbs here) and figure out where we want to narrow our apartment search. We found one area that we really like and hopefully can find a place to live in the next few days before Travis starts working. At the end of the tour she took us about 15 minutes out of downtown where there was a lookout point where you can see the whole city. It was really pretty up there, Travis took an awkward solo pic of me but I’m not posting that.


So far we really like Brisbane. The weather here is amazing, it’s the middle of winter and I have yet to put on closed toe shoes. After getting out and seeing the rest of the city today both Travis and I said it reminds us a lot of San Francisco. It’s a big city but has a very laid back feel. We are just ready to find a place to live so we can get out of this apartment. It’s 2014- since when do you have to use an actual ethernet cable to get on the internet?! We have to go to the lobby to get on the wifi to check our phones. Also, we have approximately 8 channels (85% of them are a random assortment of American shows from the past 30 years) and there is a construction site directly outside our window.

I’m going to go make dinner in our makeshift kitchen, cross your fingers we find a place to live soon!

One thought on “We Made It!!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey Courtney! I just wanted to say I hope you have a blast living down under! I lived in Brisbane for a month and it was amazing, I’m so jealous. I’d love to go back someday. Hope you travel all over the country while you’re there. Byron Bay and the Gold Coast were a couple of my favorites, beautiful beaches. Good luck to y’all 🙂

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