Apartment Hunting and Koala (Not Bears)

As everyone in the States is probably enjoying their Sunday we are getting ready to start off the work week (well Travis is at least..) and we have had quite a busy weekend!

We spent all day Friday (literally 9-5) looking at apartments with our relocation agent. We went to ten different apartment complexes and looked at multiple apartments in each. Then Saturday, Travis and I went to a couple more “open inspections” which are like an open house and did some more exploring of the neighborhoods we’re looking at.

Renting is different than the US, here each of the apartments are privately owned so they are shown by real estate agents like it’s a house and you have to apply and be accepted in order to sign a lease. Apparently it’s pretty competitive so we put in applications on several apartments that we liked. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed!

Today we went to the Koala Conservatory. There’s a river cruise that leaves from downtown and takes you up the river to the conservatory. It took about an hour but it was relaxing and you got to see different parts of Brisbane. The conservatory was one of the coolest places I have ever been. They didn’t just have koalas (which are not bears by the way- learned that early on) but also other native Australian animals as well.

Here is us with a koala- this picture cost us $20 and all I could think about was if Rose was going to snag my shirt.


This picture was free.


If you know me very well- you know I am not an animal person. I don’t dislike animals by any means but I just don’t have that desire to look at, touch or learn about animals like other people do. With that being said now you know this place must be cool if I want to go back.

The best part of it was the big, open area where they keep the kangaroos. The roos are EVERYWHERE just relaxing, napping, eating or hanging with their joeys. You can just walk right up to them and pet them and feed them. It was crazy! Here are some pictures we took:


Mama and Joey- look how long his leg is!


Lady taking a selfie with a kangaroo…


Family picture with a new member…


Travis got into a boxing match


Well that’s all for now- Travis starts work tomorrow and hopefully we will have news on where we are going to live. My brother is finishing up his internship in Cambodia and then coming to stay with us for a week on Wednesday. Life isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

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