A home.

We got the apartment! We found out Monday that we got the apartment that we wanted and I went and put down the deposit yesterday. We are going tomorrow to sign the lease and hopefully start moving in over the weekend. Here it is…


The apartment building used to be a warehouse- the call them woolstores here because they were used to store wool back in the day. It’s been converted into an apartment and ours is a two story loft with two bedrooms and a study, there’s room for guests ;). My favorite part of the building is the pool area because this is your view…


Not too shabby. You can see the river ferry in the picture, that’s how Travis can get to work in the morning.

Since we found out we got the apartment my brain has been in non-stop decorating mode. Since the apartment has the built in character of exposed brick and the loft area I want it to have a cozy, vintage feel. I have been doing a lot of pinning and internet browsing and here is some of my inspiration.

Living Room Inspo

Golden lighting
$220 – sweetpeaandwillow.com

Woven throw

Palecek home decor

Burlap throw pillow

Wooden candle stick

Burlap home decor

Stone flower pot
$240 – occa-home.co.uk

Restoration Hardware track arm sofa

Caster table

industrial blend living room title
(click picture for source)

(click photo for source)

(source not found)

Cameron is going to get the pleasure of helping us move and helping me shop for the perfect accessories. Speaking of Cameron- he gets here in 2 hours!!! I am going to go meet him at the train station in a few hours. Travis is going out of town for work Thursday to Saturday so Cam and I are going to be doing lots of exploring and finding new places. I’m sure I will have a lot to post on after his week long stay. I better go get ready for the day- it is almost 11am!


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