Cameron Does Brisbane

I can’t believe we have lived in Brisbane for over two weeks now. Time has flown by. So far life in Australia hasn’t been too different from life in US. One of the biggest changes is getting used to taking public transportation instead of having my own car. It’s made moving from our hotel and buying things for the new apartment a lot trickier but I’m figuring it out 🙂 .  Oh and sometimes you  walk up on this in the middle of downtown…

IMG_0096Just an Aborigine performance

Last Wednesday my brother came to stay with us for a week after spending his summer interning for a newspaper in Cambodia. We spent the week knocking things off “Courtney and Cameron’s Fun List” and he also got the pleasure to help us in the moving process. Instead of boring you with paragraphs of what went on in the past week I will just tell you in pictures… and some captions.

Queen Street Farmers Market


Signing the lease on our second home together- the same day as our house in US finally closed…

IMG_0136New Farm Park


Night Noodle Markets in South Bank

IMG_0119IMG_0127 The New Apt.


Sunday Afternoon in the West End- it reminded us a lot of Austin

IMG_0157Taking a break at the Pallet BarIMG_0161

Streets Beach- a man-made beach in the middle of the city 




Antique Center in Pattington


Koala Sanctuary




I had so much fun with Cam this past week- it was especially nice since Travis had to go out of town a couple days while he was here.

We officially moved into the new apartment on Tuesday night and Travis went to Melbourne for work on Wednesday. I am trying to get everything set up before I leave on Monday for the States for two weeks!

What a crazy month July has been. Hopefully once I come back in August things will slow down some…

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