A Week in Review

I had a really great week here in Brisbane. We’re starting to get into a routine which makes it feel a lot more like home. I officially mailed in my paperwork (and possibly the rights to my first born child) to the Queensland Board of Teachers a week and a half ago so now it’s just a waiting game. Emily Anne has been in this process for almost three months so I’m not expecting to hear back too soon.

In the meantime I am just trying to embrace and ENJOY this season of my life. I’m very lucky to have a hardworking husband whose hard work brought us across the world on a new adventure. So while I do not have a job or children I’m just going to explore my new surroundings, try new things and make new friendships. I’m using this blog to document all of those things. I took quite a few pictures this week so I thought I would do a little recap of the week.

Monday was the first day of Spring in Australia and also Labor Day in the US. Travis had to work of course but Emily Anne, Ameilia (my friends I met through Lorna Jane) and I decided to take a day trip to the Surfer’s Paradise beach. It was still a little chilly for laying out but we will for sure be making some more day trips once the weather warms up.



IMG_0359What’s a girls trip without Froyo? Clearly I went the healthy route.


My loot from Wednesday morning at the Farmer’s Market.

IMG_0368This is what happens when I don’t have a classroom to label things in. I label the house.

IMG_0414Pretty flowers at lunch Friday. If you live in Brisbane- check out Raw PawPaw Cafe in New Farm!


Date Night at Newstead Brewery by our house. Who doesn’t want to eat Macaroni, Brussel Sprouts and Pizza all together?

IMG_0383Saturday exploring the West End and watching a sailboat race at the park.

IMG_0416 IMG_0417On a side note, as lovely as these iphone shots are I’m in the market for a big girl camera. Any suggestions or advice?! I know nothing- I just want something that is easy to use, takes good quality pictures but that I can also improve upon my photography (lack their of) skills with.

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