Whitsunday Coast Part 3

Disclaimer: This post is mostly pictures. All taken on my crappy iPhone camera.

Saturday morning we headed back up to the Cruise Whitsundays port to take a day long cruise to Whitehaven Beach. We left Airlie around 6:30am and headed toward the island. Whitehaven is located on the the uninhabited Whitsunday Island. The island consists of the national park and the beach only, so it is very remote. It’s the only beach I have been on where there are no restaurants, hotels or shops in sight.


Once we got there, our group boarded a small boat and went to the hill inlet. Our tour guide Craig might be one of the most interesting characters I have met. His likes include: nature, “being one” with crocodiles, Steve Irwin’s father and aborigine culture. His dislikes: Matthew McConaughey, technology, Candy Crush and Channel 9 News. He was definitely passionate about the area and was extremely informative. He made our trip fun and entertaining. He took us on a short hike to the top of the hill where there was a lookout point.








It was the most beautiful view I have ever seen. We took about 100 pictures but they all pretty much look the same.

After we hiked down back to the beach, we got back on our little boat and went around the island to Whitehaven Beach.

IMG_0574 IMG_0579

Whitehaven has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand is 98% silica which makes it so white and pretty. It also doesn’t retain heat, so even on the warmest days your feet don’t hurt walking on it.


Part of our day package was lunch- that was actually quite delicious. So we got to enjoy a little picnic on the beach.


After lunch we took the little boat around to a small coral reef to snorkel. Although it wasn’t the same as the Great Barrier Reef we were still able to see some really beautiful coral and fish. After snorkeling we went back to hang out on Whitehaven before it was time to head home.



They also have boats you can go on where you spend the night of the shores of Whitsunday Island. So if you want to come visit us we already have our next trip planned out 🙂

As much as I loved the Great Barrier Reef Adventure, the views from the hill made this my favorite part of our trip. It’s amazing that a place this breathtaking exists just an hour and half plane ride from our little apartment.

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