30 Before 30

A few weeks ago I realized it was my half birthday. 27 and a half- only two and a half years until I am 30.

I remember when I was 18 and I thought I would be married by the time I was 23. I had a vision of myself going to my ten year reunion (because I would be SO old by then) as a Houston resident, married with 2-3 kids and a glamorous career.

Who would have thought that three universities, a couple breakups and almost ten years later my life would be completely different than what I had so strategically planned?

Things don’t always turn out how you expect them to and for that I am extremely grateful. I can’t imagine my life being any different than it is now.

Here I am on the other side of the world, living the expat life I swore I would never live after being shipped around the world the first 13 years of my life, with one year of marriage under my belt and definitely no living beings to take credit for creating or even taking care of. I still don’t feel like a grown up and get upset when I don’t get ID’d here (even though I am 10 years over the legal drinking age). But that’s ok, I am embracing my youth as long as I can.

A few weeks ago I decided to create an ongoing list of things I wanted to do before the big 3-0. I have been adding to it sporadically when I think of things. I have finally come up with 30 things, it wasn’t easy which made me realize all of the things I have already done in my short little life.

My plan is to keep up with the list on the blog and document each accomplishment. Some are silly, some are personal and several have to do with travel, something else I wasn’t too keen on in the past.

 It’s also strange to think that the list may be completed while living in Brisbane, Houston or anywhere in between- seeing as we have no idea where the next few years will take us. I am sure that my priorities will change over the next couple years and I am not opposed to adjusting my goals as necessary.

Well without further ado..


1. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes

2. Run a 10k without stopping
3. Scuba Dive (completed here)
4. Visit Spain
5. Tour the Greek Islands
6. Start a family
7. Earn money doing something creative
8. Learn to sew
9. Take a cooking class in another country
10. Paddlesurf
11. Ride in a hot air balloon
12. Buy a nice camera and learn to use it
13. Take a photography class
14. Travel Southeast Asia
15. Horseback ride on a beach
16. Learn how to curl my hair
17. Learn calligraphy
18. Learn to drive on the other side of the road
19. Write 100 blog posts
20. Develop a taste for red wine
21. Learn how to make Eggs Benedict
22. Surprise Travis (it’s not easy)
23. Keep a living thing alive for over a month (plant, animal, whatever)
24. Learn to drive stick

25. Find a church in Brisbane and become involved

26. Get in the habit of starting each morning with a quiet time

27. Go to Mexico (I just think it’s weird I have never been)

28. Make over $100 dollars (take home) on Teachers Pay Teachers

29. Blog at least twice a week consistently

30. Read 100 books (started 9/20/14)

1) I Like You the Way I Am (10/2)

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