A Texan in Melbourne Part 2

When we last left off I was in Melbourne visiting Erin. We had explored the city, climbed 1,000 steps and wandered through cute little hillside villages.

Friday started out a little slower with both of us sleeping in and laying around most of the morning watching our favorite Today show host get a spray tan (which you can watch for yourself here). Then we headed about 20 minutes away to the Yarra Valley to have lunch at the Zonzo winery.





IMG_0706IMG_0708The weather was absolutely perfect so we sat outside and chatted for a couple hours over lunch and a glass of Sav. Afterwards we decided to head down the road to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.



We were pretty stuffed from lunch still but how can you not get a treat when you are at a chocolate factory?! It was a school holiday so there were families everywhere enjoying the perfect weather with this gorgeous backdrop.

IMG_0749Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon…

IMG_0750Next we headed home to get cleaned up for dinner. We met some of Erin’s friends to eat at local tavern and went out for drinks after. Sadly none of this actually happened because I didn’t take a single photograph #picoritdidnthappen.

Saturday morning came quite early and we headed out with Erin’s family to the South Melbourne Market for breakfast and browsing.


IMG_0725Being that we go to a farmer’s market in Brisbane every week I figured I knew what to expect. Shockingly- I was wrong. The South Melbourne Market is a permanent (and indoor) market. They had everything from produce and seafood to underwear and home decor. Everything was a real store not just a tent like at most markets and they had some REALLY cute stuff. Travis should be thanking his lucky stars I only brought a carry on or I would have been coming home with some goodies.

After the market we drove around the city some (and Erin and I fell asleep like five year olds) and then got dropped off at a friend’s apartment. We went from there to St. Kilda which is a beachside neighborhood just a few miles from the city. It reminded me a lot of Austin- very eclectic (and great people watching) with lots of cute stores and restaurants.


IMG_0727Sidenote: We knew it was supposed to be warm that day but clearly underestimated the climate because all three of us were in jeans and it was HOT. Like we were sweating, a lot.

After they gave me a tour and Erin and I chugged (iced) coffee so we wouldn’t fall asleep again we headed to drink some ciders on the foreshore of the beach surrounded by appropriately clothed people.

IMG_0734Some more of their friends came and met up with us and we watched the sun set over the ocean.

IMG_0732We ended the night at a nearby restaurant before heading back to the burbs to call it a night. Wearing jeans in bathing suit weather really wears you out and we were asleep by 9pm.

The next morning I woke up and hopped on my plane back to Brisbane on a high from such a great weekend. When I arrived I was greeted not by my husband bearing flowers and a sign with my name on it (one can only dream) but by the sweltering heat/humidity, a cancelled train and an uber driver who informed me of the murder that occurred across the street from us.

I guess the weekend couldn’t be all sunshine and sauvignon blanc. Kidding aside- Melbourne was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back- I might even bring Travis with me next time. In the mean time I am planning Erin’s first visit to Brissy… and anyone else who wants to come see us! 🙂

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