Friday Favorites 10/17

I decided to do something a little different this week and join a link up with some of my favorite blogs to share some of my favorite things from the week. And yes- reading Mom blogs is my guilty pleasure even though I don’t have kids πŸ™‚

MomfessionalsOh well here goes nothing…




Technically this took place last week but I didn’t blog about it so I’m counting it. Saturday night Travis, Gabe and I went to Brisbane’s Oktoberfest with one of Trav’s co-workers. Apparently this is Australia’a largest Oktoberfest and I believe it. There were thousands of people there (the majority in full costume). Even with so many people the lines were never long and it was easy to find your own little space, I was definitely impressed with that aspect. The event was SO fun- we ate, drank, danced and mostly just enjoyed the epic people watching. I would go back again this weekend if it wasn’t $24 to get in.


My friend Monique and I started watching this show the other night and now that I realized the first season is on Netflix I can’t stop watching it. It’s definitely a chick show so I am trying to watch as much while Travis is out of town. I am usually not a historical show fan but this is more like gossip girl meets history book so it holds my attention plus the lead actress is Australian!

Teachers Pay Teachers

So almost a year ago to the day I decided to put up some of the things I had created for my classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers. I do not know how sellers are able to create so many awesome products AND teach all day/grade all night- I couldn’t do it. So after posting only a few products I decided to hang up my creating/selling hat and concentrate on making it through the school year. WELL fast forward to now- one of my larger products has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately and I decided now would be a perfect time to work on all those projects floating in my teacher brain that I never had time to make. You might remember I even added a goal to my 30 Before 30 list to earn $100. WELL I DID IT! I woke up Thursday morning to several “sold” e-mails and this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.09.19 AM

I definitely didn’t expect to reach my goal so soon especially since that was all from the initial products I put up a year ago! So now I am hard at work reading up on common core, my beloved TEKS and STAAR and trying to create some great products for my little shop.

Forever 21 Opening


Thursday morning was the opening of the first Forever 21 in Australia. Emily Anne asked me if I wanted to wait in line for two hours to be the first 200 customers to get a free watch and of course I said yes! We were so excited to have a time and place to be that we didn’t really care what we were doing. Plus we like free things and people watching. There were DJ’s, localΒ  celebs and important looking men in suits everywhere. It was quite the ordeal. In the end we made the 200 cut (my guess is we were somewhere in the 70’s) and got our free watch with purchase (it’s real ugly) but we got interviewed for a radio station, got a picture with our favorite Bachelor Australia contestant and EA got a $25 voucher (I missed out on that because I went to go get a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast). We seriously had the time of our lives. We finished off our eventful morning with another grilled cheese and telling each other how thankful we are to have each other to do random things with.

Girls Night Recipes

Tuesday night (I just realized I am putting these really out of order oh well blame the ADD) I hosted a little girls night at my apartment. I really missed playing hostess so I spent the prior week deciding what recipes to try out on my guinea pigs friends. I turned to my trusty Skinnytaste and stumbled upon this.

Because I'm enchilada obsessed this is my favorite way to eat quinoa!

Click picture for source

It was perfect- mexican AND vegetarian (one of my friends is a vegetarian). I had to substitute a few things since you can’t find Chipotle peppers in Adobo or canned diced green chiles (had to result to fresh ones) here but it was delicious! It made a ton and my friends are skinny girls so I have been reduced to eating the leftovers the past 2 nights for dinner and it’s still scrumptious. So what I am saying is that you should make it too.

For dessert I made this recipe for grain-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I would also recommend this recipe- you don’t need a mixer and it takes 5 ingredients.

OK, that is a lot of words for now! I am going to go put make-up on for the first time today (it’s almost 6pm). Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 10/17

  1. Also, I just checked out your “teachers pay teachers” site, and that seems really cool too! Your products are super creative. Congrats on making your goal before 30 πŸ™‚ Have you ever thought about translating your items to Spanish? I work in an English as a Second Language School, and I often have to translate documents from English to Spanish and vice-versa. If you ever wanted to collaborate, I could totally translate your stuff for you. Just a thought. Anyway, nice to meet you!

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