Day Trip to Kirra Beach

Travis got home Saturday morning from Denver. I thought he would be tired and jet lagged but apparently I was mistaken. We spent the day running around town, hitting up the farmer’s market, meeting friend for drinks, checking out a free festival and ended with a 10 course dumpling meal at Brunswick Social.

Needless to say by Sunday we were feeling a little sluggish. Our friend Gabe had invited us to go to the beach with him that morning but the couch seemed much more inviting. By around 11 Travis was growing restless and decided we should hop in the car (that had only been driven once at this point- home from the dealership) and take a mini road trip to the beach.

We got all loaded up and headed to the car. Travis went to start the car and nothing happened. Remember how I took that driving lesson? Well the instructor had suggested to me that I play around in our car and get familiar with the gears and whatnot before I drove it. For once in my life I actually followed directions.

But I left the lights on. So the battery was dead. Whoops 😦

Luckily our car came with roadside assistance and within 20 minutes a lovely gentleman came to our rescue and saved the day.


I feel like this constitutes a #honestinsta

He also told us we needed to buy a $200 charger to fully charge the car. We didn’t take him up on that. Is that a thing? We have never heard of it if it is.

An hour or so later we made it to the Gold Coast, crossed into New South Wales (our neighboring state) and back and arrived at Kirra Beach.


This was a great opportunity to play with our new camera and GoPro Trav picked up while in the States.


It was a beautiful, sunny day but Kirra Beach was not that crowded and very peaceful.


You can see the Gold Coast skyline in the distance


We found Gabe!


Kirra Beach was the perfect place to spend our Sunday and only an hour away from our house. This was definitely a day we felt blessed to live in such a beautiful country. 🙂

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