Friday Favorites 11/21

Before I continue to recap our trip to Sydney, I want to share this week’s favorites!



My wonderful Mother-in-law sent us a care package from the US (she lucked out and just had to send it to Denver instead of paying the insane shipping costs to Oz). One of the few things I requested was dry Ranch packets. I am not a big ranch dressing eater but I love making homemade ranch dip with greek yogurt. It’s such an easy, guilt-free snack. Sandy sent us a plethora of Hidden Valley packets so we are set for a while (or at least until our return to the homeland in January). I have already devoured this container and I made it on Monday, Harvest Dill you are my new favorite.

Lost Boys Cafe


Tuesday afternoon I met my girlfriend Jillian for lunch. She’s a vegetarian and we had been wanting to try out a new vege cafe for a while. The theme of the little restaurant/coffee shop is Neverland (hence the name Lost Boys). It was the cutest thing ever. There was a tree in the middle of the room and tons of whimsical details…



The menus were all glued in the front covers of old books and sitting on a bookshelf by the counter.


There were two separate chalkboard walls where you could add what makes you happy and your goals for the day..

  IMG_1053 IMG_1056

Food and drinks were served on wood planks with little quotes from books. We both had veggie burgers and I had the iced tea decked out with fruit and it was all amazing!

Library Card


I got a library card! Travis said I need a job because I am WAY too excited about it, but whatever. I have already put books on hold to be sent my branch. Recommendations are welcome 🙂



It’s hard to get in the spirit when its topping 100 outside but I am doing my best. This is the extent of our Christmas decorations. Sad, I know. The only decorations I brought were our stockings, everything else is sitting in a storage unit in Houston. I bought the nativity at a church in Sydney last weekend. There’s not really space in our little apartment for much else.

IMG_1092I have also been playing the Pentatonix Holiday Pandora station on repeat. So good.

New Favorite Recipe


I busted one of our Meatless Monday staples this week- Southwest Stuffed Mushrooms. I decided to make a few changes and it turned out better than ever! It’s not the most photogentic dish but trust me it was yummy. I will be sharing the recipe soon in all of its vegetarian glory so get excited 🙂

Have a great weekend, next week I will continue talking about our Sydney trip and Thursday we are heading to London!


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