Sydney: Coogee to Bondi Walk

I had first heard about the Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach walk on Abby’s blog and then saw it mentioned on pretty much every other “what to do in Sydney” list I found. It was pretty much the only thing I knew I wanted to do while we were there. We planned to wake up early Saturday and head out to Coogee to start the walk along the coast all the way up to the iconic Bondi Beach. The weather was actually chilly (meanwhile it was over 100 in Brisbane) and quite breezy but it made for perfect walking weather.

For reference, here is the route we took…


 Starting at Coogee Beach we headed out along the path- only to take frequent breaks to photograph all of the beautiful views.


People swimming in the little “pools”







One of the most interesting sites we saw was this HUGE old cemetery. The Waverly Cemetery was opened in 1877 and houses the graves of many famous Australians including the first Prime Minister. It was also used in a Mel Gibson movie I have never heard of.





IMG_1035This was Travis’ idea, I did not approve.


During the 6k walk you go by 6 different beaches and several communities.

I thought this was really awesome- in the first picture you can see the neighborhood swimming pool, just hanging out over the ocean. Even though it was 60 degrees out and windy there were tons of people- old and young swimming in the pools and ocean. On the other side of the rocks was a beach and little park, all overlooking the ocean. All of this is just a few miles away from the city’s center, not a bad place to live.

IMG_1037 IMG_1038

After we got to Bondi Beach we were starving and Trav had his heart set on some place called Doyles that was known for their fish and chips so we took a cab about 20 minutes away to Watsons Bay.

Little did we know there are two Doyles (across the street from each other) one that is take-away and boasts a $13.90 fish and chips meal and another more formal sit down restaurant. We went to the restaurant and realized their fish and chips meal was $40. We clearly were not at the right place. We sucked it up, ate some oysters and desert and got out of there. Next time we will be trying out the take away Doyles.

Then we set out on a walking path around Watson’s Bay because clearly we had not walked enough.


You did have a lovely view of the city across the harbor


A little windblown


Travis practicing some animal photography


Cute lighthouse on the path

Don’t worry there’s just a nude beach along the trail. The group of french college students really found this amusing. The man they tried to sneakily photograph did not however.


 This was another one of Trav’s photo ideas and he made me take multiple takes which was quite uncomfortable as there were multiple nude elderly men several feet away on the beach.

Finally after almost 6 hours of walking we took a cab back to our hotel. After learning our lesson the previous night we decided to only rely on a recommended restaurant for dinner. One of my friends in Brisbane used to live in the area and suggested a German restaurant called Unas. I ordered the schnitzel and it was massive. I didn’t take a picture of it but I found one on their website to give you an idea of how large it was.

All for under $20! Travis ordered the goulash and some cabbage rolls for us to share. It was by far our favorite and the best value of a meal we had in Sydney. I managed to polish off that sucker and then we stumbled around Kings Cross in a food coma to try and walk off some of the 20+ lbs of food we had just consumed. It wasn’t much longer before we were in bed and watching the news. We party real hard on vacation.

Stay tuned for our last day in Sydney!

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