Friday Favourites: European Edition

Happy Friday 🙂

Our whirlwind weeklong trip is coming to a close, we got back to London this afternoon and we head back to Oz tomorrow evening. It’s been a chilly but fun week of family time, exploring new places and relaxing.

When we get home I will be posting more about where we went and what we did with photographic evidence from the “big camera” but until then, here are my favorites via lovely iPhone photography.

Christmas in London


There’s something magical about Christmas time in London. The streets are busy, everyone has shopping bags and there are Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. I felt super touristy taking this picture but whatever- my husband is wearing a backpack so I guess we’re not really fooling anyone.

Gordon’s Wine Bar


This is the fourth time in the past year we have been to Gordon’s in hopes of sitting in the cave-like cellar. The first time it was closed, the second and third time it was so packed we had to perch on a wine barrel outside with our wine glasses. But we are nothing if not determined and apparently 2pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon is not the most popular time to sit inside a dark cave and drink wine. We got prime real estate tucked right in the back corner. We split a bottle of wine, enjoyed a cheese plate and a Sunday roast and pretty much forgot what sunlight and the outside world looked like for a while. Gordon’s is the oldest wine bar in London and possibly all of Europe- built in the 1800’s. Most of it is still in its original condition including the dining area that is lit only by candle light. If you are in London I would add this to your list- good food, cheap wine and a step back in time.

Hunter Wellies


I got an early Christmas present from my parents- the Hunter rain boots (or Wellies) I’ve been eyeing. I was so excited when I saw rain in the forecast for Brugge so I could break them in! Now I’m just crossing my fingers for more rain in Brisbane when we get back! Someone else liked them too…


He just had a little trouble removing them.




We spent the past several days in the quaint little town of Brugge (or Bruges), Belgium. I’m not exaggerating when I say it looks like a fairytale. The city center is literally within walls, the streets are cobblestone, the houses look fake and there are as many horse drawn carriages as there are cars on the road. I can’t wait to share more on our time there.

Tomorrow we head back home- only 8 hours to Dubai and 15 hours to Australia.

Until next time, check out the other Friday Favorites on the link up…





5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: European Edition

  1. I visited London once in June and would love to see it at Christmastime. Your pictures are lovely. It must have been really cold though, am I right?

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