Friday Favorites and an Update or Two

Happy Friday 🙂

Before I share a few of my weeks favorites I figured I should provide a few little updates on our life (outside of recent travel updates etc.)

  • I got a job! Well kind of… I am officially a certified teacher in the state of Queensland and am registered to substitute (or relief) teach in Brisbane. Unfortunately today is the last day of the school year. They run on a calendar year schedule so they will start back up again at the end of January. Good news is that my friend, Emily Anne, has been subbing the past couple of months and was offered a full time teaching job on Monday. It is pretty crazy because she wasn’t even looking and actually already had six weeks of travel booked for the upcoming months, so she told them about me and recommended that I take her class for those six weeks. We went and met with the director at the school on Wednesday and they added me to their preferred sub list. Hopefully all will go well and I will already have a substantial number of jobs lined up for next year.  I’m really excited to help her get all set up and ready for her little 1st grade babies and we have already started on projects for teachers pay teachers. It does make me miss the classroom some but it’s nice to have the flexibility of relief teaching right now.
  • Travis is getting scuba certified this weekend! He’s following in his parents footsteps and becoming a diver, just in time for Fiji in two weeks. I was planning on getting certified with him but due to my previous ear problems (I have an artificial ear drum in my right ear) I had to get a dive medical before signing up for the course. When I saw the doctor she said it was too risky to my hearing (I also wasn’t able to pop my ears on demand) and said she wouldn’t clear me. She also said I shouldn’t do any sky diving or bungee jumping (I assured her those were not in my plans anyway) because of the pressure on my ears. I did tear up a little when I realized how serious the doctor was and then I made her put it in writing so that Travis wouldn’t think I was just chickening out. I am glad that I was able to go diving once when we were in the Great Barrier Reef (here) even though I couldn’t go very far down but also so thankful that I didn’t do any damage to my ear drums then.  It’s scary to have to be worrying about my hearing at 27 years old but now I know I need to be extra cautious (not that this scardy cat has ever been reckless).
  • I will be home for the holidays! Well kind of… We are celebrating Christmas in Fiji this year just the two of us because a) it’s close  b) who knows when we will get that opportunity again and  c) we had already planned to go back to Texas in January. Travis had a class for work that had been rescheduled from October in Texas the last week of January so his ticket/time away was taken care of through work, so I went ahead and booked my flights to go up a couple weeks earlier to see family. Well, once again his class got rescheduled, this time to March! Hopefully he will still be able to get away from work and get to Texas at some point in January too. Fingers crossed that it all works out!

I can’t think of anymore news I haven’t shared already, so here goes the typical Friday post…


Nothing makes me happier than a calendar/planner and I have been in a slight panic as I have been making plans for 2015 without having a place to write them down (I refuse to use my phone, I’m stubborn like that). So I finally found one I liked that was simple and cute at the cutest Swedish stationary store, Kikki K. I can’t wait to fill it up!


My sweet family (one hipster brother not photographed) are always my favorite but I am feeling especially grateful today after getting to spend the past week with them! Nothing makes me happier this time of year than bundling up on the couch with them and watching Christmas movies. I can’t wait to share our trip to Belgium with them on the blog next week.


But seriously, how cute is this little guy?! He’s a “smoker” that I bought at a Christmas shop in Brugge, you put lit incense in the bottom of him and then it comes out of his pipe (and smells like Christmas). My Christmas decor is pretty sparse this year but he is definitely my favorite. My mom also gave us some Christmas lights that run on 240v while we were visiting. I was elegantly wrapping them around our banister when Travis said “You might want to come down and look at that before you do anymore work.” At this point I was halfway through the tedious chore of wrapping the whole long string through each tiny gap so I told him I didn’t care how ugly it was, I was going to finish. Probably in a really nice tone too. It definitely is not gorgeous, which is why I am not showing you a picture. But whatever. When I turn off all the lights in the room and crank the air conditioner down it kinda feels Christmas. And I am way too stubborn to take them down.


My mom gave us this “a” last week when we were staying with them. She found it at one of the antique markets she frequents regularly. It used to hang on the sign of a pub in England a long time ago! She’s so good at finding hidden treasures that also have history behind them. One year for Christmas she gave me an antique teacher bell from a schoolhouse from the early 1900’s.

See you next week 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and an Update or Two

  1. Love your Friday Favourites! So cool you guys are living in Australia – and Brisbane no less! Congratulations on the job too 🙂 I bet you’ll have a wonderful two weeks in Fiji – my fiance is certified for scuba diving but I’m not yet, although I’d really love to do it this summer! Where abouts in Fiji are you staying? I’ve visited Denaru Island and the Coral Coast – it’s the most beautiful country!

    Carly xo

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