Summertime Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas…

I can not believe that Christmas is next week. I know I have said it one million billion times already, but it’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit in the middle of summer, it just does not feel right.

Either way, the calendar tells me it is December 19th so I guess I need to get with the program.

As I have been finishing up my Christmas shopping, I have enjoyed seeing how Brisbane celebrate their sunny Christmas. There have been parades, firework shows and Christmas carol shows going on around the city.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a Christmas market in South Bank. It was pretty disappointing though, it was the same (non-christmasy) vendors that are are always there but in a Christmas stall.


I did find this humorous. While everyone at home is sipping on hot chocolate and warm gingerbread lattes, we will be drinking Christmas Iced Tea! They had Grinch Green among other holiday flavors.


Speaking of Gingerbread Lattes… Starbucks here still capitalizes on their famous seasonal flavors- only in frozen form.


Also, Santa wears board shorts here…


For a humorous video depiction of Christmas in Oz, check this out. PS- thongs are flip flops 😉

So since I have been making an extra effort to get into the holiday spirit, here are some of my favorite ways to do so…

Christmas Movie Marathon

I’m on a mission to watch as many Christmas movies as I can this season. If I watch people bundled up in the snow long enough it might cool down the climate here a few degrees right?!?

We knocked out The Holiday, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation while we were with my family. Now that I am back home I only have access to movies on Netflix, which means cheesy ABC Family flicks- my personal favorite.

I have discovered my favorite new Christmas movie- The Mistletones. I seriously watched it twice in 24 hours. Why has no one told me about this before? Yes, it’s cheesy and has Tori Spelling in it BUT it is cute and fun and has Christmas songs in it so you will get over the fact that someone (Tori Spelling) said “she’s peppermint barking up the wrong tree.” Also, I just love Tia Mowry after growing up watching Sister, Sister.

Christmas Baking


My friend, Emily Anne, and I spent the majority of Tuesday in the kitchen baking up some holiday treats. There was no calorie cutting or healthy substitutions going on here just a lot of sugar and chocolate- all in the name of the holiday spirit. We are going to be writing more about our bake-a-thon next week but it’s safe to say I might be in a sugar coma after consuming all of our treats (I just can’t stop, someone take them away!).

Christmas Shopping


Click for Source

I typically prefer Christmas shopping of the online variety and that is how I did my first round this year for our family back home. Since we will be in Fiji (ohmygoodness it’s so close!!!) we are just going to be exchanging stockings on the beach Christmas morning. So I have actually had to venture out into the malls to look for goodies for Trav’s stocking (sidenote: he hasn’t even started on mine). I was surprised to see that the mall was not that crowded and there were tons of great sales! Also, I discovered my new favorite concept- A Christmas Giftorium.


Click for Source

One of our large department stores, Meyer, has an entire floor dedicated to gift giving. They have tons of stations set up based on the gift recipient (ie. travel lover, glamour gram, dapper dad etc.) and have free personalization of some items that they do right there. Vistaprint even has a booth set up where you can create photo gifts, I am currently working on a t-shirt with my face on it for Travis’ stocking. Kids can visit with Santa at the Giftorium and adults can sample fancy teas and coffees- win, win. I think I might just move in.

Reflecting on Christmas Past

This is Travis and my fourth Christmas to spend together and I am loving looking back and seeing how things have changed over the years…


Our first Christmas together in 2011. We had only been dating a little over 6 months and this was one of my first few visits to Victoria. Also, notable that my parents still lived in the United States at this time which made the commute to see both families much more convenient.


Our first (and only) engaged Christmas. Travis proposed to me on the last day of school before Christmas break so that Christmas has been the most exciting one of all. We hopped on a plane the very next day to see my family in Midland then flew back to Houston Christmas Eve and drove straight to Victoria to celebrate with Trav’s family.


I loved last Christmas. It was our first Christmas as a married couple in our very own grown up house that I got to decorate. We spent Christmas day in Victoria then we hopped on a plane the next day with my mother and sister-in-law and went to London to see my family. We had no idea at the time that we would be the expats in the family next Christmas…

I love looking back at these memories and wondering where we will be and what will be going on next year at this time. It also makes me realize how blessed (or #blessed) we are to have all that we do and more importantly to have such wonderful family to share life with.

That’s all for today, have a great last weekend before Christmas! Hopefully we will spend ours at the beach… 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Summertime Christmas

  1. I can’t even imagine what a hot Christmas must be like!! Even growing up in the South we had occasional ‘warm’ Christmas’ in the 60s and 70s but no boardshort Santa haha!! But what an experience!!

  2. Merry Christmas (a wee bit early)!! As kids we grew up in an equatorial country with no seasons. I still vividly remember my first white Christmas with a real christmas tree at my Aunt’s house in Wisconsin. Enjoy the weather because most of us are dreaming about tropical vacations right about now here in the Midwest 🙂

  3. I love that you have those Christmas past pictures on hand! It’s our first Christmas in Florida this year — all about those iced seasonal coffee blends 🙂 lol! A sunny Christmas is bound to be different! Thanks for sharing your Netflix fav 🙂 I’m always looking for recommendations to navigate around the vastness of Netflix! Have a great Christmas!

  4. Hope you enjoyed your first Australian Christmas! My mum is Canadian, but has lived here for 30 years and still doesn’t think hot Christmases ‘feel right’. I, on the other hand, love going to the beach on Christmas!

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