Friday Favorites: Live from Texas

It has now been two and a half weeks since I arrived in Texas. I have traveled to Midland, Houston, Victoria, Inez (for a wedding), Breckenridge (not Colorado), Austin and I am heading to New Braunfels for a couple days next week. I’m exhausted.

While I have been here I am enjoying a lot of the following…



So. Much. Food.

We are lucky to have access to really delicious (and healthy) food in Brisbane. While I am home, I am not eating very healthy at all. It’s pretty much impossible when there’s chick-fil-a, chipotle, all types of Mexican food, chicken fried steak etc. to be enjoyed. Right now I’m going to say I don’t regret any of my dietary choices butttt I also haven’t worn any pants with a zipper since I’ve been here (I love you, leggings).

Family, Family-in-law, Friends and Fur Family  


I have spent lots of time with my family, including both sets of grandparents. We met my brother in Austin and it was the first time all three siblings have been together since Christmas 2013.


Travis spent a good part of the week with his family in Victoria and even got to eat lunch with his nephew at school.


I have gotten some quality time with my fur family, Scout and Gracie. Scout doesn’t understand selfies, she thinks you just want her to make out with your face.


We’ve been able to squeeze in friend time whenever we can. Love seeing our second family and all their offspring.



I created a (new) Twitter account the other day. I actually have an account that dates back to 2009 that I never check. If you have access to the tweets on that account, I’m sorry. My new account is @alkeksabroad and more for blog socializing purposes. The last thing I need is another social media account to keep up with, but whatever I’m a little obsessed already.

This Map showing Australia to the USA


Click for Source

Because people don’t understand how large of a continent it is (I didn’t until we moved there). Now people understand why we don’t just drive on down to Sydney or Melbourne for the weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Live from Texas

  1. You can really go wild and eat all the delicious Texas fried food you want if you’re willing to give up pants for good. I basically have. Also WHO KNEW that Australia was so freaking ginormous (mate)?!

    • says:

      It might be a little warm for leggings in Australia right now. Guess I just need to turn them into cutoffs. Lorts, anyone?!

  2. So much good food in Texas! Especially in Houston and Austin! If we ever leave Texas, I’m going to miss all the good food… but it will probably be better for my waistline lol.

  3. You totally may have driven right through my hometown going to Victoria….I’m from Wharton! Did you know all those towns (Inez, Louise, Edna) that are right there together were named after sisters? Just a fun little fact. 🙂

  4. Christine @ A Keane Sense of Adventure says:

    There’s so much good food in Texas! Especially Houston and Austin! If we ever move, I’m gonna miss all the food but it would be better for my waistline ha

  5. Maybe I should do the same and do a comparison of the Philippines (which is about the same size as California, maybe a little bigger) and the USA so people back home realize everything here is really spread out, far and wide.

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