Sydney: Sunday Strolling

Sunday was our last day in lovely Sydney. Our flight didn’t leave until late afternoon so we had the whole day to knock out everything we had left to see. And that we did.

We started with breakfast at Bills, which came recommended by multiple people. It was so cute, I would definitely recommend a visit if you are ever in Sydney. They have multiple locations around the city and also in London, Seoul, Tokyo and Honolulu.


I ordered the Ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. Delicious.


 Travis had the sweet corn fritters with tomato, spinach and bacon. Also delicious.


Then we walked over to Hyde Park to walk around and see one of Australia’s first Catholic churches, St. Mary’s Cathedral.

DSC_0252Then we walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens and played with our new camera’s settings as you can tell by the following pictures.


 We walked all the way back to the Opera House so Travis could look at didgeridoos.



For lunch I wanted to go to Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Harry’s is an iconic Australian food truck that serves pies, their most famous being the “Tiger Pie” which has mushy peas, mashed potatos and gravy on top of a meat pie. I first learned about Harry’s while watching The Bachelor Australia. The Bachelor Blake took fancy pants Laurina to eat there and she started crying that she didn’t want to eat a dirty street pie (unfortunately for you I could not locate a video clip). Whatever, I did want to eat a dirty street pie so walked ourselves back across the botanical gardens to Harry’s. If it’s good enough for Frank Sinatra it’s good enough for me.


Then we had to make another pit stop before we headed to the airport to look at didgeridoos. Sadly we did not make any purchases, Travis wants to do a little more research.


Well that was our weekend in Sydney, I hope you enjoyed following along!

PS A little bonus pic of my dad and I in Sydney back in ’88!


6 thoughts on “Sydney: Sunday Strolling

  1. What a lovely day in Sydney! I haven’t had the chance to spend all that much time in the city, but I have loved visiting the Harbour and can’t wait to go back to explore some more one day! Oh, and your hotcakes look absolutely mouth-wateringly amazing! Yum! xo Carly

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