Texas Trip Top Ten

How do you like that alliteration?

I did a pretty subpar job of photographing pretty much anything from the past month that wasn’t edible or at least 1,500 calories. So bear with me. Here are my favorites from my past month in Texas.

10. Driving a car that I actually knew how to drive AND knowing where I was going at all most times. That is something I definitely took for granted before.


Scout wanted to join me on this drive. Unfortunately she was not allowed at Happy Hour.

9. QUESO. And real Tex-Mex. Although after consulting the scale, I am pretty sure I can go another 7 months before I eat it again.


Click for Source

8. Watching TV not through a VPN through the Desktop through the Apple TV and then crossing my fingers it doesn’t freeze.


But alas, somehow we ended up watching The Bachelor on a laptop. I am not sure why my dad and Grandpa didn’t want to watch it with us?

7.  Driving around San Marcos and Texas State. It has been almost 6 years since I left San Marcos and almost 2 years since I had been there last. It was so fun (and nostalgic) eating brunch with Marilyn on the square just like we did in college. Driving around campus I didn’t recognize half of the buildings. I am so proud of how much our little school has grown just in the past few years. Eat ’em up Cats!


Cute little square with Nephews in the background.


Mimosas and Marilyn. Two of my Favorites.

6. Dog-sitting for our two family dogs- Scout and Gracie. This did NOT get off to a good start as one of the dogs who shall not be named got sick the first day I was alone with them and I had to clean up after her. But after I got over that, I enjoyed having their company and it makes me so happy my parents are moving home soon so they won’t be shuffled around anymore.


Doggie lunch date.


Someone wants on the couch. Don’t judge the yellow pants.

5. A real Target. Australia Target does not count.


4. Spending the weekend in Travis’ hometown- since I grew up all over the world and my parents moved away from Katy almost three years ago, I don’t have much to call a hometown. I always enjoy spending time in Victoria and listening to all his stories of growing up there (which every landmark and street sign seem to remind him of). This time we were in town for an especially fun reason- a wedding. One of the groomsmen from our wedding got married and luckily it lined up with our trip so Travis got to be in the wedding.


Us at the wedding.


Trav and the Victoria boys.

3. Seeing how our friends’ (and family members) kids are growing up. I realize I am getting closer to 30 by the number of little ones that are a part of our social gatherings. It was so fun to get together with my friends and their babies after not seeing them in 7 months (or some of them ever, since they were born while we were gone). It’s crazy how much they change in such little time.


Click for Source

2. Getting to spend time with all THREE sets of Travis and my grandparents. I am so, so glad that I was able to see all of them (in three separate cities) in one visit. Unfortunately we did not get a pic with Trav’s grandparents.


Don’t mind me, everyone else looks cute.


My sister, gorgeous grandma and I.

1. Hanging out with sooooo many of our wonderful friends and family. I am exhausted from trying to see so many people (that wanted to see me too!) but I feel like that’s a good problem to have. I am thankful for everyone that went out of their way to see us. I am also so thankful to Alicia and Marilyn who housed me while I was in town. 🙂


The boys reuniting at Little J’s.


Some of my favorite ladies in the world.

It feels so good to be home (Australia home, that is) and even better to be settling back into the routine of things. Now I am just waiting for all those aforementioned friends to start planning their trips down under! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Texas Trip Top Ten

  1. What a nice reunion! I can’t wait to get back to California, mostly for Mexican food and queso fresco. I’m pretty sure I’ll gain a whole bunch of weight then. And yes, I totally understand the Target “eye” haha

  2. Glad you had a great trip back to Texas! Tex-Mex/Mexican food, no one can do it like Texas! It’s funny cause when we go out of state or country, someone will always want to get Mexican food and I just can’t do it… it’s not the same!

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Yes! I landed in LA on my way in and was so excited to see breakfast tacos at a restaurant in the airport. They were definitely California tacos not the rolled up burrito style breakfast tacos I am used to.

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Hotspot VPN- the only thing it won’t work on is Hulu shows… I’m not sure if that’s all of them though. I would shop around.

  3. Ailee | Snapshots & My Thoughts says:

    Did you make it to Ruggles Green???? But seriously, Target Australia pails in comparison. And that comic is SO TRUE. There is some magic Target power. The top ten look pretty amazing, not going to lie!! xo

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      No, SO many people and places to see (and eat) I didn’t make it. I did go to Brio in City Centre for the first time for a happy hour!

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