Home Sweet Brisbane: Apartment Tour

I hope everyone enjoyed the tour of our neighborhood last week. Today I am bringing you a peek inside our humble abode.

When we made the trip over here, we had to pack everything we wanted in a 4×4 container. So, with that being said it’s been a work in progress making our loft feel like home to us, without investing too much since we don’t know how long we will be here. But it’s finally starting to come together. I hope you enjoy a tour of our fun, little Australian loft!

Since I showed the outside of our wool store last week, we will start this tour inside on the third floor.

IMG_1472This was one of my favorite parts of the building, the open and industrial looking design. The only downside is the ceiling is in fact open, which is not fun when it rains.

Now that you are slightly winded from the stairs, we enter our lovely apartment…


Don’t mind the foam roller and ugly fan. This is real life people. To the left we have some sliding doors that lead into a guest room…

DSC_0031Which is currently a glorified closet. It’s a work in progress that will hopefully be ready by the time our first houseguest arrives (in one month!!!). The next door is the guest bathroom, which is surprisingly large.

DSC_0028Past the guest facilities we have the room where all the culinary magic happens…

DSC_0024 DSC_0035

DSC_0014 DSC_0023 DSC_0019

The view from the kitchen into the living room. I love an open kitchen because who wants to feel all secluded when they are cooking?


Our cozy, little living room. We were lucky that the owners offered to leave the couch for us, so that was one less purchase we had to make.


A tribute to our first home, a vintage bar sign “a” from my mom (explained here) and Travis’ most recent purchase that will be the death of me (a didgeridoo). I’m debating asking the neighbors to complain so he will stop practicing.


Now as we go upstairs, be careful not to bump into the TV hanging over the stairs. One of our friends asked if that was an Australian thing, I am pretty sure it’s just a lack of wall space thing. Most of the other apartments in our building have ladder type stairs that I would 100% fall down on a regular basis. Ours is one of the only ones that’s been switched to regular stairs. There’s still a sign on the wall warning you to make sure and climb down the stairs backwards.



At the top of the stairs, overlooking the living room, is a small study area with a built in desk and cabinets. Hooray for more things we didn’t have to buy! Don’t judge the Zack Morris bookshelf- it came with the apartment.

DSC_0062 DSC_0064 DSC_0065

Down the hall, leading to our bedroom…

DSC_0056 DSC_0037That’s it folks, a bed, a basket and a closet. Our clothes are in drawers under the bed so we don’t take up space with a dresser. Unintentional minimalism at it’s finest.

DSC_0038 DSC_0039People wonder how we wake up so early even on the weekend, you would too when the sun rises at 5:30 and shines right through these lovely (giant) windows. I had plans to make that little loft area a cozy reading nook butttt it’s being used to store our winter clothes instead.

DSC_0040Do you know what true love is? Sharing this much cabinet/counter space…


And last but not least, the world’s strangest place for a washer and dryer…


Just wedged behind our shower. I can barely fit my body between the glass and dryer, so I just have to lean in to reach the clothes. We had a repair man out to look at the washer once (after this incident) and he said if they needed to remove the washer they would literally have to deconstruct the entire shower! Luckily, that was not necessary at the time but I wonder what they will do when it comes time to update. It actually is quite convenient having them so close to our room, it doesn’t give me anywhere to pile clothes before putting them away.

Well that’s it for the tour, I am surprised I stretched it out as much as I did. Hope you enjoyed a peek into our little home!

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24 thoughts on “Home Sweet Brisbane: Apartment Tour

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      In our old house the breakfast room and kitchen were a lot more closed off from the living area so I knew I definitely wanted a more open place this go around.

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Thanks! I bought the chalkboard at a store here and then I did the lettering with chalk pens. I’m usually better at filling it out each week.

  1. Aw it’s so cute – I mean I absolutely love the bare brick wall and those stairs – I like when stairs are open that way, it makes the space even bigger. If that makes sense? 🙂

  2. It may be the peeping tom in me, but I love tours like this! And I think you guys utilized all the space you could to declutter and maximize storage! So props 🙂 The reading loft would be KILLER once you get those things out of storage.

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Me too, home tours and day in the life posts are my favorite! Thanks, yes I definitely want to make a reading nook up there.

  3. Such a cute and modern apartment! I found that being over hear in SPain has forced me to consolidate my things. It actually feels nice being a ‘minimalist’ (kind of). Love what you’ve done with the place! And love love love that bedding! 😀

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Thanks! Yes, it’s crazy how much stuff we have accumulated just over a few years. Thanks, it’s actually my old Pottery Barn bedding from before we got married but I still love it.

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      I remember your apartment tour and you are not an old lady in the slightest. I can’t wait to see your HOUSE tour. 😉

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