Valentine’s Day in Noosa

As I mentioned here, we made a last minute decision to spend our Valentine’s Day weekend in Noosa. If you are wondering where the heck Noosa is (like I would be if I didn’t live here) it’s on the Sunshine Coast about an hour and a half north of us. The main town of Noosa Heads is bordered by the Noosa River (which runs into the ocean) and Noosa National Park, so we figured it would be a good place to get both nature and beach time.

I will talk more about Noosa specifics later on, but today I just wanted to share our Valentine’s Day with you. Enjoy!

Saturday morning we woke up to the sounds of the kookaburras outside and headed 20 minutes down the road to the Eumundi Markets. This would be where Travis bought his beloved didgeridoo and I ate a brautwurst for breakfast. It was the biggest market I have been to in Australia and was mostly handmade goods rather than fruits and veggies like we are used to seeing at the markets here in Brisbane. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

We grabbed lunch and then began the search for a parking spot at the enterance of the National Park so we could begin our hike. By this time it was around 11am. That turned out fruitless, so we drove back to the house and took a cab. Lesson learned. We then started on one of the internal trails, only to not see a single living creature except this guy…

DSC_0006This picture does not do justice how large he was.

So we decided to head to the coastal track, mostly because I was whining and bored. Most of my outdoor activities involve laying near bodies of water and reading/sleeping. Hiking along a beach where I can stop and lay out is much more up my alley.










The Coastal Trail did not disappoint and we walked it all the way back to Sunshine Beach, where we were staying. There were several questionable paths and steep, rickety steps so this would not be ideal for some people. Travis mentioned that he was glad we didn’t start our hike from there because he would have never heard the end of my complaining. He’s probably right, knowing we were so close to “home” made me much more motivated to keep walking. And yes, we were hiking in flip flops. It’s not that serious.


That night Travis insisted that we would not need reservations for dinner even though I told him otherwise repeatedly. Well, you can guess who was right. We went into a different suburb called Noosaville that is along the Noosa River to try our luck at one of their dining establishments. No cigar. So we walked into a cute, little tapas place called “Flux” and just asked if we could sit at the bar. Luckily, the bartender was actually pretty excited to have our company and provided us with food recommendations and complimentary cocktails throughout the night.  Plus this was our view as the sun was setting…



It was definitely not our typical Valentine’s Day but it was one to remember. I can’t for many more years of exploring new, beautiful places with this guy.


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20 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in Noosa

    • says:

      Yes, you must 😉 it’s such a gorgeous place. I always imagine how it must be to grow up with these places right in your backyard. I mean Galveston is lovely and all…

  1. Okay that hike looks gorgeous, although I’m a little scared of that giant lizard. I had no idea Godzilla lived in the Australian jungle, I could have sworn he was Japanese….seriously though, was that a komodo dragon? Or some other monster? Was it even safe that you were that close to him? Don’t die, please. Also your Valentine’s Dinner sounds like it turned out to be really nice, and that sunset view was gorgeous!

    • says:

      I just saw this. Why does the internet want us to comment on each other’s blogs?! Um I think it might have been a komodo dragon but I know nothing about animals. He didn’t seem to be to concerned with us so I wasn’t too worried.

    • says:

      I’m still not used to the reverse seasons, it has been fun getting to celebrate our “winter” holidays at the beach. Loved your pics of Wales!

  2. You two are the absolute cutest! Sounds like a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day to me. I absolutely love Noosa – I don’t get up there as much as I used to (I lived on the Sunshine Coast for just over a year and visited all the time!) but I must make more effort to get to the beach more this year! Love all your beautiful photos x

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