Friday Favorites: Hodge Podge Edition

Just a bunch of random things that made my week! 🙂


IMG_1506I am picking this whole day as a favorite. The sun finally came out, I woke up to the news that two of our best friends back home got engaged, Travis made our standard weekend breakfast (poached eggs on avocado toast), we took the ferry across the river and enjoyed a coffee on Oxford Street before church, we hopped back on the ferry and headed to one of our favorite neighborhoods to have lunch and explore (where we saw the above sign). Pretty perfect way to spend a Sunday. The rain did try and damper our day a couple times but luckily it never stuck around too long.

Raw PawPaw Cafe

IMG_1532Raw PawPaw is one of my favorite little cafes down the road from our house. They have the best selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc. breakfast and lunches. I saw on Instagram they were having a promotion where if you instagrammed your experience they gave you a $10 gift certificate right then and there.  Obviously, I headed over immediately and devoured this delicious lifestyle board (after photographing it of course). Now I can’t wait to go back next week and use my gift certificate!



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My favorite thing to do when it’s raining is bake. So during our cyclone induced weather last weekend, I decided that a loaf of banana bread was in order. I thought I was choosing a healthier recipe because it had Greek Yogurt in the title. Alas, the yogurt wasn’t really substituting any of the butter or sugar but it did make it taste absolutely delicious so we will have to just give up a little nutrition for a lot of tasty. Thursday, Jillian and I baked oatmeal chocolate recipes from this recipe. I didn’t have any coconut or walnuts on hand so we didn’t use those but they still turned out sooooo good. The consistency and texture was perfect. Perhaps because we had to cool the dough before cooking? Either way, you should try both of these recipes and see for yourself.



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I am currently working on unplugging from the world of social media, blogging, pinterest etc. more throughout the day. For Lent this year, I decided to give up using my phone/ipad in the evenings and spend that time being more present with my husband. It’s only been a week but I completely understand how kids these days have all sorts of attention problems. Just trying to sit still and watch a TV show without additional distractions has been difficult for me. It just shows how dependent we are on that little apple device (or devices). I’m glad I am weening off  this addiction and hoping these new habits will stick. No one likes hanging out with someone with their face buried in their phone.

Girl Time


I got to see all four of these lovely ladies throughout the week! Now that everyone is working, weekday shenanigans are far and few between. So imagine my surprise when I accidentally double booked myself for two separate social events on a Tuesday of all days. I got to enjoy dinner with Emily Anne and her co-worker, followed by some wedding vendor browsing with Megan and Monique. Thursday, I wash’t subbing so I used my new found driving skills to pick Jillian up for work and we had a lovely afternoon laying by the pool and baking cookies. Girl time is good for the soul.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Hodge Podge Edition

    • says:

      Thanks for stopping by! You should, it’s just whole grain toast, poached eggs, goat cheese, tomato and some type of jam. Have a great weekend!

    • says:

      There food is sooo good! They are always doing promotions like free coffee if you come before a certain time of if you bring your dog. It’s awesome!

    • says:

      It’s so good! I know, I keep seeing everyone’s statuses about how freezing it is at cook off. Stay warm and wear your cowboy boots for me!

  1. Jamie Gunter says:

    Ok…you seriously are making look head on at my being plugged in all the time. I really need to start regulating as well!!

    • says:

      Haha I will have to ask Monique where she got it. So it would not be wise to inform you I ate a Nutella macaron last week?

  2. Thanks so much for linking up your favorites! There’s a lot of great things on this list. Unplugging at home is so important, and that’s definitely something both my husband and I can work on! Congrats to your friends and enjoy the weekend! xo

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