Weekend at Straddie

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, we spent the past weekend at Stradbroke Island celebrating our friend’s birthday. Stradbroke Island (or Straddie as it is know by the locals) is a 45 minute ferry ride from Brisbane. We headed out Friday morning and met the rest of our group at the ferry terminal to head out to the island.

Travis and the majority of the others spent the afternoon scuba diving. Unfortunately, he had some Go Pro malfunctions so this fish is one of the only creatures that got photographed. We do have a twenty minute video that captures matarays, sharks and octopuses if you would like to come over and watch it, I just don’t know how to take still shots from the video (a little help anyone?!?).

GOPR0702Saturday morning we hung around the house with everyone before heading off to the beach. My friend, Monique, took us to gorge walk where she got engaged last month first. The wind was crazy while we were walking along the gorge walk, in fact we saw a sailboat that had capsized and another boat was trying to pull it out. Even with the ferocious winds, the views made our little trek worthwhile. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone to capture the beauty.

IMG_1620We headed to Cylinder Beach to play in the waves and soak up some sun, all of which I did not photograph. We really liked the beach, it wasn’t too crowded, the sand was nice and cool and the water wasn’t too cold- perfect combination.

Before dinner and the costume party, Travis and I decided to head back up to gorge walk with the big girl camera to take some more pictures and (most importantly) scout out some roos. Everyone kept saying how there were kangaroos EVERYWHERE on Straddie but we had yet to see one.

DSC_0006 DSC_0009I am so good at taking pictures of Travis looking pensively in the distance.

After what seemed like forever, we finally spotted a few in the distance. They were on the other side of the trail so we couldn’t get too close to them but we did snap some blurry, zoomed in shots (because everyone loves those).

DSC_0020DSC_0028 DSC_0035 DSC_0039DSC_0025 DSC_0010DSC_0042It was nice to just relax, watch the sun go down and feel the cool breeze off of the ocean. Sometimes I really do have to pinch myself that we get to live in somewhere so gorgeous.


Saturday night we had the costume party. The theme was movie characters from past and present but Travis and I skirted the rules a little and went as…

SavedByTheBellKelly Kapowski and Zach Morris, brick phone and all. We had a blast playing games, eating a delicious meal prepared by some of the guys and mostly laughing at everyone’s costumes.

GirlPic meghan mon2 scarface sparklersCan you figure out who everyone is?

We headed back to Brisbane on Sunday morning (my birthday) and spent the day hanging out by the pool. I told Travis I just wanted him to cook me dinner for my birthday meal and then we could go out for dessert. We go out to eat all the time but never even order dessert, so I figured this would be something special. Travis did well and catered to my request of bacon wrapped shrimp because…

ronswansonIs there anything better? Then we ended the night at Max Brennar’s down the street from us indulging in some chocolate fondue.

maxNot a bad weekend, not a bad weekend at all. Tomorrow morning I head to Sydney at the butt crack of dawn to meet my sister!!! I am so excited. Stay tunes, more adventures to come…

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6 thoughts on “Weekend at Straddie

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Love your and Travis’s costume! So jealous you can just go take pictures of kangaroos! I’m totally with you, I’m a little confused on how to take stills from a video too from our GoPro… I heard you had to export it and then open it on Quicktime or something cause iMovies got rid of that feature? No clue so last time I just paused the video and did a screenshot lol… I mean, it did do the trick lol

  2. Everyone’s costumes are amazing! Sounds like such a lovely weekend. Isn’t Straddie just the best? I find it so calming and peaceful and naturalistic – I just love it. And it’s really close to Brisbane so it makes it easy for a quick weekend trip. Love the pictures of the Roos! xx

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