48 Hours in Sydney

48hoursSydneyWe had a quick 48 hours in Sydney last week at the beginning of Caroline’s visit, but I feel as though we made the best of our short time there. Here’s a look at how we spent it…

Day 1

We arrived in Sydney Wednesday morning and checked into our accomodations, The Royal Exhibition Hotel. That’s when we realized it was less of a hotel and more of a bar with rooms on top of it. We literally had to walk behind the bar and through a “staff only” door to get to our room. That’s when my lack of researching became pretty apparent. The location was very convenient, right in the heart of Surry Hills and directly across the street from Central Station, so we decided to forgive the slight stale beer smell. RoyalExhibition

The manager at the hotel suggested a cafe nearby while we waited for our room to be ready. We walked down the street to Cook and Archie’s for lattes and breakfast. The cafe was adorable and everything on the menu looked delicious, but I chose the Haloumi stack. It included several Aussie staples; avocado on toast, haloumi, poached egg and Dukkah. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it.
HaloumiStackAfter checking in and cleaning ourselves up a bit, we headed toward toward Circular Quay to catch the ferry to the zoo. It wasn’t a short walk, but after sitting on a plane for 22 hours Caroline was ready to move her legs. At Circular Quay we bought our Zoo Pass (ferry and zoo entry combined) and walked around the Opera House while we waited on our boat. CarolineOpera

The ferry ride to Taronga Zoo was only ten minutes but provided some great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Giraffes Pelican Penguins

Taronga TarongaView2 TarongaZooView

We spent about three hours at the zoo taking in the animals and the vistas. That place is HUGE so we picked and chose what we cared about seeing. Our favorite were the lemurs, who love to cuddle and hug each other. We took the ferry back into town, did some shopping and headed back to the hotel. We met fellow Aussie blogger and former Katy resident, Abby from Abby’s Roads, for dinner at Botega. The place was hopping even on a Wednesday night which was a testament to how good the food was. We were bad bloggers and did not get any pictures of our food or each other but a wonderful (and delicious) night was had by all.

Day 2  

After our big first day we had a little sleep in and got a late start to the day. We got dressed, headed out for brekky at Gallery Cafe and scarfed down a wrap before hoping in a cab to the Coastal Walk.

EasternCoastSince it was already almost noon when we started to head to the coast we decided to cut off the first couple legs and start at Clovelly Beach. I have talked about it here and here, but this really is my favorite walk ever. The views are just unreal. BeachWalkoutdoorsy BeachWalk2CoastalWalkThe walk ends at Bondi Beach, where we walked around, enjoyed the best lunch ever at Bill’s (discussed here) before ending the afternoon laying on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect and we couldn’t stop commenting on how amazing the day had been. Bondi2We cleaned up at our bar/hotel and had a delicious italian dinner at Franco Franco in Surry Hills. I really love that neighborhood and am so glad we got to stay there. After dinner we caught a bus to The Rocks where we did some wandering and enjoyed a nightcap on the rooftop bar of The Glenmore Hotel. It was standing room only so we were just creeping by this pole the whole night. I actually told Caroline we were “working the pole” before realizing that would imply an entirely different type of night. Whoops.

poleDon’t mind my frizzy hair, the focal point of the picture is the pole we hung out with all night.

The Glenmore has amazing 360 degree views of the Harbour, so it was the perfect place to end our whirlwind 48 hour trip to Sydney.

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20 thoughts on “48 Hours in Sydney

  1. You guys got a lot in! Bondi Beach was definitely the highlight of our weekend in Sydney. So beautiful and much better than any beaches we have near the city here in Melbourne! I want to do that walk the next time we’re there…I had no clue it even existed.

  2. Wow! What an amazing 48 hours in Sydney! I feel like you and your sister really managed to do and see a lot – no easy feat given how big Sydney is and the fact your sister had a 22 hours flight to get there! I have only visited Sydney once but would love to go back and see some more – I went for a conference and had only about half a day to do any sightseeing, which meant I headed straight for Circular Quay and had a lovely walk. Would love to check out all the places you went! x

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Yeah, she was a trooper and didn’t crash until 11pm that night. You need to go back, it’s such a short plane ride away!

  3. Loved FINALLY meeting you in person – hopefully our paths will cross again soon. And so glad y’all had a great trip in Sydney 🙂 xoxo

  4. Y’all did a lot in 48 hours! Bondi Beach, I must go there one day! You always hear how amazing the beaches in Sydney are! How are the beaches in Brisbane? And yay, another Katy resident! We are everywhere! ha!

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      Our coastline is mostly rocky but we are a 45 minute drive from the Gold Coast one way and the Sunshine Coast the other, plus several islands we can ferry to. I would love to live in Sydney where there are sooo many gorgeous beaches at your doorstep.

  5. From a native Texan who has lived in Sydney for six years, you packed in some awesome things in two days. The Coastal Walk and the Zoo are both spectacular, and I love taking visitors to both of those places. Plus, the ferry ride alone is pretty amazing.

    I think it’s funny that we Americans can sometimes forget “hotel” = pub with rooms in some Aussie and UK situations.

  6. This is one of my bucket list locations. Sounds like you had a great 48 hours! The pictures from the walk and at the beach are stunning! I can only imagine how beautiful it was in person!

  7. Oh my gosh, the weather looks amazing!!! Love the beautiful blues of the sea and sky! Have totally done the hotel-in-a-bar thing by accident, too, but it all works out in the end! 🙂 Great to find you on the Travel Tuesday link-up!

    • court.alkek@gmail.com says:

      It was perfect weather. There’s a first time for everything and really I couldn’t complain about the location!

  8. Australia is on the top of my travel bucket list and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Sydney! Ughhhh, you have me lusting after it 🙂

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