Friday Favorites: Sister Slumber Party Edition

This past week has been full of favorites! Travis was out of town for work all week so it was pretty much a girly slumber party at our house all week- which is pretty much my favorite always. We cooked dinner together over wine and watched my new favorite TV show every night. Let’s recap the highlights.. 

Favorite Day  On Tuesday, Caroline and I took a day trip to Byron Bay. I had never been so I was excited that I had an excuse to finally visit. We had so much fun in that hippie beach town, I can’t wait to share more about our trip on the blog later. What’s better than good food, great weather, shopping and hanging out on the beach all day? Not too shabby for a Tuesday.

Favorite New TV Show 

source: Netflix

 Caroline also introduced me to the funniest show EVER. It’s a Netflix original called “Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt” by Tina Fey. The premise is that the main character, Kimmie, was abducted by a crazy cult leader when she was in eighth grade and hidden in a bunker with three other women for 19(?) years. The first episode they are found and released (in the first five minutes so I’m not spoiling anything) and she moves to New York on her own. It sounds king of serious when I explain it like that but the whole show is extremely ridiculous and silly. Just watch it. 

Favorite New Singer

source: MTV

 I’m probably really late to this party (especially for Aussies) but I am obsessed with Vance Joy. We have had his album on repeat all week.

Favorite New Recipes 

source:Garnish with Lemon and Two Peas and their Pod

Nothing makes me more giddy than a new recipe especially if it involves pesto and goat cheese. We made these two pizza recipes this week only using individual pitas as the crust. So delicious and so easy to put together after a busy day at the beach or exploring. They definitely got moved to my Made It & Loved It Pinterest board for future reference. Check them out: Spinach Artichoke Pizza and Goat Cheese Pizza

Favorite Mail Week 

 Since mailing things across the world can take some time, I received several birthday cards and one especially exciting package from Anthropologie this week. I feel so lucky that I have such thoughtful friends and family that are still thinking of me even when I’m thousands of miles away. 

Favorite Monthly Tradition 

 Monday was one of my favorites because we had our monthly girl’s night. This time my sister got to join us as we tried out Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in the city. It’s always fun getting everyone together to catch up and we joke that we probably need a sound proof room (eight girls together + wine is never a quiet occasion). 

What a fabulous week it has been! I can’t wait to share more of what my sister and I did plus her own thoughts on Australia (yes, she’s going to guest post!!) over the next couple of weeks. Right now I am on a plane heading to meet my other half in Melbourne to go check out The Great Ocean Road this weekend. Never a dull moment around here, have a great weekend! 

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Sister Slumber Party Edition

  1. I have a friend that moved to Bryon Bay for a job almost 5 years ago… and he never came back! ha He loves it there! Would love to visit it one day! Can’t wait to read your post on it! So awesome you have a monthly girls night! I need to do that here to make myself go out!

    • says:

      I could totally see that, it’s a pretty great place. Yes, they are the highlight of every month now!

  2. I love Vance Joy too! They were on Sunrise this week and it reminded me how great they are! Now I really want to watch the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – I’ve heard so many people rave about it! And Byron Bay is just incredible – one of my favourite towns in Australia for sure! Sounds like a really lovely week! Happy Monday xo

  3. Love that show too! I’m already applying the 10s rule, lol… you know, being Monday and all but looks like you are starting the week on the right track. Have fun on your trip!! ❤

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