Friday Favorites: April Edition

It has been a couple weeks since I have shared my Friday Favorites with you so I figured it was long overdue.  ☺️

1. Low Key Weekend

It’s been a pretty crazy last few months and with the busy long weekend last week it was nice to have a low key weekend.

Saturday we went on a walk up the hill by our house and walked around the park.


The first most exciting thing was this hobo camp/meth lab that we discovered.


The second was when Travis almost stepped on this not-so-little guy and screamed like a girl.


The third was when we were down the hill and almost home when I realized I had left my sunglasses at the park since I had removed them to hang upside down from the monkey bars. This was not Trav’s favorite part of the day but I was just happy that I remembered where they were and got them back!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Bribie Island. The island is less than hour away and connected by a bridge to Brisbane but we had never made it there before. It wasn’t the prettiest beach we have seen in Australia but it was convenient and it was a nice day to lay on the beach and soak up the last of the warm weather.


It was all fun and games until Travis got upset that I didn’t offer him a bite of my ice cream cone. Which for some reason reminded of this scene from Knocked Up… Not much comes between my food and so if you think you want any you better act quick. But you know ’cause we’re family we share (just watch the video).

2. Plans, Plans, Plans 

I’m not sure what it says about my personality that I have to have some sort of plan/schedule to follow in order to get anything accomplished. But I’m just going to roll with it because I love schedules. In fact, I used to want to be a high school counselor just so I could make kid’s schedules.

I’m currently at an all time max on the number of plans I’m following and loving it…

She Reads Truth Bible Study Plan

Couch to 5k Running Plan (I’ve failed twice at this one, cross your fingers third times a charm)

Tone It Up Weekly Workout Schedule

Duolingo Spanish “Regular” Plan

And my favorite… My Weekly Meal Plan

So if you need me to do something… Just make a cute graphic or app that tells me exactly when to do it and I will be all over it!

3. Kikki K. 

kikkikTo go along with all my planning my friend, Emily Anne, bought me the BEST birthday gifts from Kikki K aka the best store ever. The to do list is awesome and big enough to for all the menial tasks I write down (just to cross off). The meal planner has places to plan every meal plus perforated shopping lists and pages to write down where to find certain recipes. Those two plus my 2015 Planner from Kikki k. are my life savers. I am way too scatter brained to not write EVERYTHING down. 

4. These Recipes 


Warm Quinoa Salad with Grill Halloumi and Parsely Dressing

Panko Crusted Honey Mustard Salmon

We made both of these this week for the first time and they earned an A++ from me! Go check them out. I love finding new (delicious) recipes to cook during the week. Food is always a favorite.

I’m thinking of starting a monthly Recipe Roundup post sharing my favorite recipes. Would anyone be interested in reading that/linking up?!

5. The Weather

It has technically been Fall for awhile here but I think someone forgot to tell the weather. This week it has FINALLY started to cool down- I am actually chilly in the morning  and I can wear jeans at night without them sticking to me. This is exciting people.

giphyThat exciting.

Linking up with Heather, Andrea and Natasha. Happy Friday everyone!

21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: April Edition

  1. OMG that Oprah gif made me laugh out loud. That was my reaction too. hahahah still cracking up. Also, obsessed with Kikki K – it’s like an Aussie version of Target for me: I have to limit myself to a price limit before I go in.

  2. I’m doing the Tone It Up Weekly Schedule too! I am such a bum about getting up early though, that I have to add my extra 10 minutes of cardio in the afternoon because I just can’t seem to get up. I really really like it though.

  3. I nominate this as your best post ever. I am obsessed with Oprah. And Kikki K. And the fact that you took off your sunglasses to hang upside down from the monkey bars. This is why we are friends.

  4. Ha! Love your lists!! I have to say that sadly I just removed Duolingo from my phone 😦 But good for you!! Don’t you love tone it up?? I finally became a real member and I love the meal plans!! But your recipes look amazing!!

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