Friday Favorites: It’s May?! Edition

I can not believe it is May. This year is flying by!

Last week I filled you in on my favorite recipes from April, so today I am playing a little catch up with my faves from the past two weeks…

This Trip

DSC_0386  Going through pictures from our weekend in the South Australia wine country a couple weeks ago makes me want to go back already! I can’t wait to share more about our trip next week once I finally weed through all our 500+ pictures.

This Book


This book is so good I finished it in a week (that’s fast for me). It’s the memoir of Amanda Linkhout, a young journalist who was kidnapped and held captive in Somalia for 15 months. It’s fascinating, heart wrenching and inspiring all at once. Check it out.

This podcast 


Source: Apple Itunes Store

Because you know you were  missing hearing about Adnan since Serial ended. There have only been two episodes so far (new ones come out every two weeks) but they have revealed new information and as always, have me on the fence about what really happened. If you have no idea what I am talking about, climb out from under your rock and go download the Serial podcast.

This Job

IMG_1655I have been working three times a week for the past few weeks and hopefully it will continue to pick up. I have to say- I LOVE subbing and I really didn’t think that I would. It’s all the good parts about teaching without the stress. I have found some schools I really like and will hopefully continue to go to those regularly.

These Pictures

IMG_2019Travis found these on an old hard drive this week, please excuse the quality I just took a picture of the computer screen with my phone instead of asking him to send them to me like a normal human. They are from our wedding slideshow and my mom also had them on the bathroom doors at the wedding. Who doesn’t love potty training pictures?

This Documentary

I have seen The Imposter listed on several “What to Watch on Netflix” lists and had been dying to watch it myself. We finally got around to it this week and all I can say is HOLY CRAP. It’s hard to believe that it’s not fiction, it’s so nuts. Without spoiling too much- it is the true story of a grown man who posed as a long lost missing child from the other side of the world and even goes “home” and lives with the boy’s family.

Linking up with Heather, Andrea and Natasha. Happy Friday everyone!

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