10 Reasons to Love Australia {according to my sister}

Just a little background info here… my sister, Caroline, came to visit us for 9 days during March. She is a senior (less than a month from graduation- you should hire her) at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She has done quite a bit of traveling but had never been to Australia. During her visit she fell in love with this beautiful country and culture and wanted to share her top ten favorites things. You can read more about our time together here, here and here

1. Friendliness

Coming from the UK, I was so unused to being cheerfully greeted as soon as I entered a shop and it took a little getting used to. I loved it though, I didn’t meet a single person in Australia that seemed like they weren’t loving life!


2. Diversity of Wildlife

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsI completely loved being able to see so many different types of animals that I had never seen before. Even just the common birds on the street were unusual looking! 

3. Cutest Animals

lonepinekoala2   Speaking of the animals, they had some of the cutest ones I have ever seen. It was so amazing being able to cuddle a koala and hang out with the kangaroos! lonepine11

4. Lifestyle/Culture



Overall, everyone seemed so laid back and content with life and that was super nice to be around! Also, everyone seemed super outdoorsy and health focused. IMG_1392

5. Food

HaloumiStack Literally some of the best food I’ve ever had was in Australia. Avocado, halloumi, and poached eggs were staples and also happen to be some of my favourite foods.

6. Beaches

IMG_1697  The beaches were so gorgeous and I loved the little beach towns around them. I think Byron Bay was by far my favourite. DSC_0001

7. Natural Beauty

IMG_2725 Everywhere you go in Australia is gorgeous. Even just driving down the highway to get to Byron Bay was some of the prettiest scenery I’ve ever seen.

8. The Cities


Not only is the wildlife amazing, the cities were pretty great as well. I enjoyed Sydney for the hustle and bustle but Brisbane was also great as it was a bit more calm.

9. Weather

The warm weather was so nice (especially coming from Scotland) and I enjoyed that the sun was out and shining every day!

At first Caroline was like… 


10. Coffee Culture


I also think some of the best lattes I’ve ever had were in Australia and the coffee culture seems to be a pretty big deal.

I’m sooo glad Caroline got to come visit and I loved hearing her observations of our new home, now it’s time to plan her next trip! 

15 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Love Australia {according to my sister}

  1. this is such a fun post! I’ve never been but I want to go so badly!! Probably mainly for the wildlife but I loved hearing all the other reasons, and it makes me want to go more! I haven’t heard too much about the food in Australia, but that pic looks yummy!

  2. ahhhhh i loved reading this!!!! we are heading to perth and kalgoorlie later this month and i cannot wait!

    it also brings me great joy that you used the gif from “portlandia” with her lily-white skin in the sun! that show is based of off where i live now and it’s scarily accurate 🙂

    love that you and your sister got to spend time together!

    • You will love Perth! Are you going for a holiday? I just left Kalgoorlie after living there for three years, now I’m travelling across the US. Let me know if you need some tips!

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