Through the Adelaide Hills

When I last left off on our South Australian wine weekend, we were heading back on the road after spending the morning in the stunning McLaren Vale region. Our BnB for the weekend was in the Barossa Valley, north of Adelaide, so we began off in that direction. Our GPS took us on the most scenic route possible, through the gorgeous Adelaide Hills region. Apparently there was a quicker way that just took you through the city but I am so glad that it didn’t take us that way.

We had to keep stopping to take photos of all the wineries, orchards, autumn colored trees and the fun animals roaming through the vineyards.












On our way to the Barossa we drove through the cutest little German town with tree-lined streets and cute shops. I was half asleep and we were trying to get to our BnB so we stopped back on Sunday before our flight. 





Hahndorf was quite the tourist attraction, and the streets were bustling with families that Sunday morning. It didn’t stop Travis from posing for some classy photo opps though…

travisangel traviscow

Not much gets in the way of that man and a cheesy photo opportunity.

Complete with cellar doors, cafes and shops, Hahndorf made for the perfect little detour before we headed home. If you are heading to Adelaide I would recommend making the 30 minute drive over to Hahndorf to check it out.

Next stop- the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival where we spent the majority of the weekend. Stay tuned…

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12 thoughts on “Through the Adelaide Hills

  1. Hahaha my husband would have been doing the same things! That route is amazing, thank goodness for smart GPS that take you through really the best routes!

    • Courtney Alkek says:

      I know, I feel like usually it’s taking us on the worst routes but it pulled through in this case!

    • Courtney Alkek says:

      Haha I have to drag him to take a normal picture of course- the cheesy ones are allllll his idea though.

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