Barossa Valley Vintage Festival

When I left off, we were heading through the Adelaide Hills and McClaren Vale toward the Barossa Valley.

When we booked our last minute wine country weekend we had no idea it coincided with the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival. We also had no idea what a Vintage Festival was.

After a little research we learned that every two years the Barossa Valley wine region celebrates their heritage and history along with the ending of harvest (or vintage) season. The community has many different events going on throughout the wineries and towns for visitors of all ages. This explained why we had such a hard time finding a place to stay. Luckily, a church group that rented an entire BnB backed out a week before and we were able to snag a room super last minute. We arrived at the Blickinstal Bed and Breakfast Friday afternoon, walked into our room and were welcomed with delicous homemade brownies for afternoon tea.


I could not recommend the Blickinstal more. It’s the cutest seven room bed and breakfast nestled on a vineyard in the tiny town of Bethany. Within minutes from award winning vineyards, you are truly at the heart of the Barossa. The owner, Sue, is as sweet as they come and a mean cook as well. Breakfast each morning, served in the cafe style dining room, was mouth watering. The first morning we started with poached pears and caramel followed by the traditional bacon, eggs and toast. Add on coffee and fresh juice- that would have cost us at least $60 each at a cafe anywhere in Australia!

Plus- check out your view.DSC_0125

Our first evening we hung at the BnB for a while before heading to our dinner reservation in nearby Tanunda. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at 1918 Bistro and Grill, only a five minute drive away. The restaurant is set in an old house and is adorably quaint.

The next morning after breakfast we headed back into Tanunda to check out the parade before hitting the wineries (remember 10am is magical wine tasting time). The town was so excited for the festival and parade, families were posted up all down the main road, set up with snacks, tents and wine, of course. We picked up coffee and strolled around the town while we waited.



After a couple of hours, we started growing impatient watching those precious wine tasting minutes tick by so we decided to creep out of Tanunda before a single float made an appearance.

DSC_0148Our next stop was by far our favorite- Hentley Farm Winery.


While we waited on our tasting we warmed up by the fire and enjoyed the first glass of the day.



This is also when Travis added a new step to the wine tasting process- listening to the wine…

After making a few purchases, we bounced around to several other spots including…

Maggie Beers food shop, where we hung out with some wildlife.

DSC_0180Tsharke Wines…

where we found the coolest meeting room downstairs


and Travis locked me in it,


and we took awkward photo shoots in the vineyards.

We drove down the palm tree lined Seppeltsfield Road.


Then hit up the Barossa Comes Home food and wine festival (in the rain)…




and people thought I was a real photographer and asked me to take their pictures…


so I just went with it. I was too awkward to explain I was just taking pictures for my blog.

The next morning we said farewell to the Blickinstal,


with another awkward solo photo shoot. Maybe we should look into obtaining a selfie stick after all.
DSC_0288We drove to nearby Angustown,


enjoyed a cup of coffee and strolled around town while we waited for this gem to open…



we tried some yummy cheeses, bought some souvenirs and officially became the first Texans to visit this quaint little cheese shop.

DSC_0360We made one last winery stop on our way out of the valley- Rockford Wines.


They had one of the most unique and authentic looking cellar doors, and they also sold delicious homemade jams and mustards (which we bought three of).


With no more room in our luggage we headed back to Adelaide (with a short stop in the Hills first) to catch our evening flight back to Brisbane. In case you were wondering, Australia has pretty lenient carry on rules for domestic travel and you can carry on up to 6 bottles of wine each.

It was the perfect weekend of relaxation, wine tastings, good food and gorgeous scenery. As I do after every trip in this country- I declared it my new favorite part of Australia and began planning a return trip, visitors welcome ;).


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