Creeping around Cairns: Daintree Rainforest and Port Douglas

The day after our Great Barrier Reef trip we were anxious to get out of Cairns and see the rest of the area, specifically the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest. We hit up the Budget car rental that morning, grabbed a map and headed toward the rainforest with no real plan in mind.

We followed our map to the Mossman Gorge, at the southern part of the rain forest. They have a car park there and a shuttle that runs you to the entrance of the park for a small fee.

The gorge has lots of small swimming holes tucked around it, and lots of people were swimming in the chilly water while we were there.



We enjoyed just (carefully) climbing on the slippery rocks and watching the water rush around us.

There’s a short walking track that takes you through the rainforest, that’s home to over 400 hundred of species of birds and several reptiles (eek). We didn’t see too many of them but we did see lots of plush green trees and plant life and some HUGE trees and boulders.





After we were rainforested out (it’s a thing, I promise) and I was on the verge of hanger we decided to continue our journey to Port Douglas to look for lunch.

On the way there we stopped at a scenic lookout and I told Travis to go pose by the view.


“Is this downward facing dog?”

Never a dull moment, folks.

I had heard great things about Port Douglas and we were hoping to see some beautiful beaches after our failure in Cairns. Luckily, it did not disappoint.


Port Douglas is a cute, little resort town about an hour from Cairns. We ate lunch in the town and then strolled along Four Mile Beach.



We had to leave our mark in the sand…



I would love to return to Port Douglas for a holiday, it was gorgeous and we have heard the diving in the area is great.


The next day we headed back to Brisbane and on to the next adventure- New Zealand. More to come…

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14 thoughts on “Creeping around Cairns: Daintree Rainforest and Port Douglas

    • Courtney Alkek says:

      That’s a perfect description! I’m jealous that’s what your family road trips looked like. Ours were just the dry, flat lands of west Texas!

  1. Oh! Daintree! Port Douglas! Such happy memories. It’s a magical place. I’m glad you enjoyed it too! I also didn’t swim in the gorge; too chilly for me. It was beautiful, though. And I stayed in Port Douglas for a couple of nights and can confirm it made an excellent holiday spot. I’d love to go back!

    • Courtney Alkek says:

      Even though it’s still in the same state, it’s a 19 hour drive from Brisbane to Cairns. And we thought Texas was big…

  2. I love that photo looking down at the beach through the trees. That looks like such a gorgeous spot to spend some time, with those mountains in the distance!

  3. Wow, just wow! Love the pictures, I literally felt for a slight second that I was there in the rainforest. And that beach! Austria is def a place I want to visit!

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