Friday Favorites: Wrapping up June Edition

I feel like every month this year I have said “I can’t believe it’s already ___” but SERIOUSLY how is it already almost July?! Where has 2015 gone? ANYWAY so many exciting things coming up in the next half of the year, and here are this week’s favorites…

1. Mornings

I have loved getting back into my morning routine after a month of visitors and travels. I’ve never been a morning person, ever. But since we moved here I started waking up at the crack of dawn to work out with Travis before work. After getting used to having that quiet time in the morning before my day really begins, I’m not sure how I ever did without it. I love being completely ready for the day and sitting down with a cup of coffee and my new Give Me Jesus journal to spend time in the word. I heard about this journal on the Influence podcast and had one sent to my MIL’s house before their visit. I love the structure it gives my quiet times and it’s the perfect accompaniment to She Reads Truth. Mostly I just love going to work feeling calm, awake and ready to tackle the day- which is not how I felt when I used to roll out of bed 15 minutes before I needed to leave (literally).

2. My Husband is Home!

We did the math and Travis had spent the night at our apartment four times in the past month between Cairns, New Zealand and two back to back work trips (one overseas) before he came home last Friday. I was SO excited to have him home for a while I had to celebrate with wine and cheese. The rest of the celebration involved delivery ramen, the couch and Orange is the New Black Season 3.  We had a busy but productive weekend together which included the church car wash, finalizing our next trip, seeing Jurassic World, trying Indonisian food for the first time and checking out a U.S. Battleship that was docked in town for the week. There was also a nap somewhere in there.




3. Asia Trip 2k15!!!


Source: My Thailand Holiday

After procrastinating long enough we FINALLY booked our Southeast Asia trip we’ve been talking about for months. We will be spending 9 days in Thailand followed by 9 in Vietnam with lots of traveling around the two. The one good thing about waiting so long to book is that our countdown isn’t too long- we leave in 8 short weeks!!! Tips and advice are encouraged. 🙂

4. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Podcast 


Source: Itunes

My sister in law actually discovered this podcast on our road trip to Noosa earlier this month but I started listening to it again this week so I’m including it. It’s a hilarious NPR show reviewing the week’s news in the format of a panel game show with the help of they celebrity guests (Mindy Kaling was on this week’s). It’s a great lighthearted listen after you are emotionally/mentally exhausted from keeping up with Undisclosed and their 800 interviews and addendums. New episodes come out every Sunday. Your welcome.

5. Girls Trip


Source: Stanthorpe Tourist Guide

Another trip was booked this week only this one was much less intense. In fact all we booked was one hotel room for one night, and yet somehow both Emily Anne and I booked the same (non-refundable) room. After multiple calls to the hotel and I did in fact get my money back. Emily Anne, Jillian (another American and teacher) and I are taking advantage of the two weeks of school holidays and heading to the country to the quaint town of Stanthorpe for some winery visiting, antique shopping and small town exploring. It seems kind of funny to have two weeks off after I only really worked the last couple of weeks but I will take it! I spent the majority of the week in kindergarten (or prep as they call it) classrooms so I feel like I have earned some sort of break.

Linking up with Heather and Andrea as usual. Have a great weekend and stop by next week for the start of the New Zealand posts!!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Wrapping up June Edition

  1. julie says:

    I’ll have to check out that podcast!

    Found your blog through a linkup and I’m definitely going to be following along on your journeys now, especially with your upcoming trips!

    I’m sure you have a lot of things planned for Vietnam already but email me if you have any questions or want some Southern Vietnam recommendations! I have yet to venture up North but hopefully will my next trip!

    My email is 🙂

    Happy Friday girl!

    • Thanks, I love to have new readers 🙂

      I mostly only have our flights/hotels and a Halong Bay tour planned so far, so any suggestions would be much appreciated! I will e-mail you when I get to that page of my itinerary.

  2. This is such a cute list! I have to structure my mornings better – I’m going to take a look at She Reads Truth for inspiration. It’s a battle for me to make time for my quiet time, and mornings seem like the best time to make that happen – I just have to stop being lazy about it!

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