Thailand: Through My IPhone Lens 

Hi friends! I’m coming to you live from the Hanoi airport where we have largely overestimated how much time we needed.

So while I’m sitting here in the peace and quiet, I figured I would share what we have been up to on the first half of our trip.

We have over 1,300 pictures on the DSLR so far and still have a week left, so for now these are coming to you from my trusty iPhone.

Bangkok Tour

Bangkok Nights and Tuk Tuk Rides 

Elephants World    

Phuket – Phi Phi Island  

Phuket- James Bond Island Tour 


Koh Samui 


That’s all for now folks, we are off to enjoy the rest of our Vietnam trip!

PS Apologies if the formatting is funky, I’m posting from my phone.

24 thoughts on “Thailand: Through My IPhone Lens 

  1. julie says:

    Oh man looks like you guys are having a great time!! Beautiful pictures, can’t wait to read and see more! Have SO much fun in Vietnam!!

  2. Uhm… is that a scorpion on a stick?! I know that being from Texas, our state fairs having some interesting food items served up on sticks, but I think I’d pass on the scorpion on a stick. Looks like an amazing, unforgettable adventure!

    • Yes! I am pretty sure they were more of a prop for tourists to take pictures with since they charged for a photo, but don’t worry he ate it! He actually took multiple bites just so I could get a good video. I am pretty sure the 50 cent beers he consumed had nothing to do with that decision ;).

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