Friday Favorites: We’re Home Edition

Hi friends! It’s been a hot minute since I posted a Friday Favorites. The last time I linked up we were getting ready for our trip to Thailand and Vietnam. Well now we are home and I am frantically trying to go through thousands of pictures to recap our journey. So in the mean time I figured I would let you know what has been going on in real time.

Here’s what has made my week…

Ben’s Burgers

I was tagged by @texerin earlier this week for #widn and just now responding... Totally breaking our post vacation detox and indulging at @bens_burgers. #yesthatsasolocup #sorryboutchadiet

Pretty sure we have found the best burgers in Brisbane. Located in an adorable laneway in the valley, there’s a tiny (but very hip) burger shop. The burgers are simple but delicious. Also, I guess this means our goal of eating vegetarian post-vacation was a big, fat failure.

Straight Outta Compton

I have the worst attention span during movies. I have been known to check IMDB mid movie to see the running time because I get too impatient. That being said, I did not even realize this movie was two and a half hours. I mostly got confused between Ice Cube and Ice T and I kept waiting for CoCo to make an appearance in the movie (am I the only one who watched their reality show?). Anyways, it was a really good movie.

New Blog Layout

Back in January when I went to self hosted, I decided to buy my first layout off of Etsy. I pretty much rushed my decision, picked one and threw it up right away with kinks and all. About two weeks later I was already tired of it. This time around I decided I would really take my time choosing a design, make sure everything was perfect and then put it up. I took maybe one day of browsing before I made my choice. Also, I am not a computer genius and I have no idea how to edit a layout (and save the changes) without activating it. So a whopping 2 hours after I started editing the theme, it went live on my blog.

That being said, it is still a work in progress but so far I am loving it! I bought it from MaiLoveParis on Etsy and she was so awesome. The package came with free installation but I did it myself with her instructions. She has a whole site of FAQ and tips to setting everything up, and even when I still had questions she got back to me right away. If you are in the market for a stylish but affordable wordpress theme, I would recommend her shop.

Travel Tuesday 

Travel Tuesday Logo

This week was my first week to co-host the Travel Tuesday link up and it was so fun! I was so excited when the previous co-hosts nominated Lauren and I to take over because it was the first link up I ever really got involved with and I have found so many great blogs through it. Don’t forget to come back next week and link up your travel or expat posts. I will be writing about our day at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand and I can’t wait to share all about it.

Girls Night 


Wednesday we had our monthly girls night at a japanese restaurant in Paddington. We had a couple people absent but Emily Anne‘s mom and aunt were visiting and able to join us. I first met her mom last year when she visited and was very excited to have her join us for girls night. We had such a great dinner which turned into gelato which turned into chatting in the street forever. Girl time is always my favorite. Especially when I have been gone and haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with anyone.


I used to be a skeptic about spending so much money on workout clothes. Then I tried on their leggings and never looked back. My favorite travel pants are the Wonder Under leggings and wear them on pretty much every flight (is that not what they are for?). When we got home last week I noticed a small hole in them after only wearing them on the plane ride home.

I know they stand by their quality so even though the pants were almost a year old I decided to take them in today. They barely even glanced at the hole and told me that I could pick out a new pair- it didn’t even have to be the same pair. I was so surprised, they didn’t ask a single question or look up when I bought them or how much they were. So that’s why I will continue to spend too much money on workout pants, plus if I calculate the cost per wear it is more than worth it. So until I find a new favorite place for leggings…


Click for Source

Happier Podcast

I first read about this podcast on Kaelene’s blog and it peaked my interest. I read Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project several years and really took a lot away from it, so I figured I should give the podcast a shot. They are short 20 minute episodes each with a focus and then a “try this at home” task. They are simple things but they often get forgotten about or looked over. It’s the perfect little pick me up to listen to in the morning and then apply what you learned through out the day.

Linking up with Heather and Andrea as usual!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: We’re Home Edition

  1. Em says:

    That meme is hilarious 🙂 I spend good money on good workout clothes, too – so worth it. Oddly enough, a colleague was just talking about “Straight Outta Compton” – is it on replay all over the world right now? Cheers to burgers, blogs and girls’ night! I’m going to check that podcast out…

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