Friday Favorites: Labour Day Edition

Happy Friday! I am coming to you live from Tasmania today with my weekly favorites.

This has been a short week for us with Labour Day being celebrated in our state on Monday (yes, different states celebrate on different days and even different months here) and then we left for Tasmania for the weekend.

A few highlights from the week…

Byron Bay

IMG_3011 (1) IMG_3049

Ok this was technically the week before but over school holidays all the days run together. Since schools are out my friend, Jillian, and I took a mid week trip to Byron Bay. Byron is a the coolest little beach town a little less than two hours from us. It’s one of my favorite places with it’s hippie vibe and cute cafes to check out. We spent just as much time wandering the shops as we did laying on the beach. I am so excited that we just booked an air bnb there for next month when our friend Sean comes to visit!

Dicky Beach



On Labour Day Travis and I pulled up Google Maps and started looking for a beach beach to check out for the day. That’s how we ended up at Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast about an hour away from us. It was the prettiest little beach, with clear water, good “jumping waves” and unique little rock pools to play in. We spent our labour day indulging in fish and chips at a beach side cafe followed by ice cream on the beach. It was the perfect little afternoon. Even after we have lived here over a year I am still not over how many gorgeous places there are in our own backyard.

How to Get Away with Murder 

I am finally getting caught up with all the new fall TV shows and watched the first two episodes of season 2 today. I don’t even know what to say other than I am so excited for this season. This show has so many twists and turns and constantly has me rewinding and re-watching scenes in order to follow along but it’s soon good.

We’re Going Home for Christmas! 

This week we got our flights booked and I am so excited to be going home for Christmas. As much fun as we had having our own little Christmas in Fiji last year, nothing beats family time around the Christmas tree. Considering it’s only Spring and it is already quite steamy around here the crisp Texas winter weather will be a welcome change come December. Watch out Midland, Houston, Victoria, Breckenridge- here we come!

An Afternoon Unplugged

To be honest, this was not a planned unplugged session. Wednesday afternoon I decided to ride my bike (that Travis finally fixed after it’s been gathering rust the past 6 months) on a ride to the neighborhood library to pick up some books before our flight. I grabbed my camera in case a photographic moment would arise and headed out the door. Once I got outside I realized I had left my phone at home. At first I felt naked- I rarely ever go anywhere without my phone, but then I decided to embrace the freedom of being unplugged. It was nice to just ride around the park, take pictures of the gorgeous Jacaranda trees and kill time browsing through the book shelves. I should really do that more often.

DSC_0001 DSC_0008

DSC_0009 DSC_0010

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9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Labour Day Edition

  1. aww yay for coming home for christmas! i would love to go home for christmas, for the same/opposite reason – the heat would be a welcome change! haha. but holy moly it gets expensive to go home for christmas… ouch. love byron bay!

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