Hanoi: A Photo Diary

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When we tell people that Hanoi was our favorite city we visited they tend to respond quite surprised. Apparently even though it is Vietnam’s largest city it isn’t a tourist mecca- which is exactly what we liked about it.


Our time in Hanoi was limited to the evening after our Halong Bay tour and the following day before our 6pm flight to Saigon. We spent our time wandering the streets, checking out the Old Quarter’s shops and eating street food. We loved the old French architecture, the bustling streets and watching the friendly locals going about their days.

Here’s a little photo diary of what we saw…


We stopped by the famous beer corner to enjoy a local brew on a stool in the middle of a busy intersection.



And we ran into our friends from Halong Bay!

Also, this must be in the guidebooks as a must do because it was definitely where we saw the most tourists.




Each street in the Old Quarter sells something different- there’s a flower street, a shoe street, a silk street and even a street that just sells baby and kids things.



The next day we woke up bright and early to finish our walking tour of Hanoi. We circled the lake, visited a pagoda and checked out the picturesque French Quarter.






Travis loved crossing the street in Hanoi. You just walk into the middle of motorbikes, cars and buses slowly and confidently and they all move around you.


These cute co-eds stopped us to practice their English. We got this a lot in Vietnam.




Selfie stick fail.





IMG_0314 (1)


My favorite thing about Vietnam…


the iced coffee.

The “Hanoi Hilton” where John McCain was a prisoner of war.






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19 thoughts on “Hanoi: A Photo Diary

  1. These are really great photos, and I seriously think I would love Hanoi! One of my favourite things to do while travelling is wander the streets, browse market stalls and taste the local cuisine! I totally know what you mean about crossing the road, I felt the same when I’ve been in parts of Asia too, it’s terrifying!

  2. Love your photos of Hanoi, especially the ones with the woman giving the peace sign in the back and where it looks like Travis is about to be hit by a car. So funny! One of these days I need to get over to Asia!

  3. I loved seeing your photos Courtney! This takes me back to when I was in Hanoi!! I also LOVED Hanoi. I was there for 2 weeks and I never got bored of wandering about the streets of Old Quarter. There was always something interesting to see. I feel like the culture and way of life in Hanoi is so different from anywhere else. This post makes me miss all the flower and fruit bike vendors! And the little ladies carrying baskets of produce on the stick around their shoulder!

    • Haha you would love the cat. At first we thought it was a scam and blew them off and then we realized that they don’t see a lot of westerners so they really get excited when they get a chance to practice their english. Now that tourism is getting big there it’s really beneficial career wise for students to learn English, so we were happy to help 🙂

  4. That’s so cool that people stopped you to practice their English! I never would’ve thought to do that with people that are traveling to the US from another country, but then again I don’t speak another language. Hanoi definitely looks like a fun city, and I’m glad that y’all had a great time, even if it’s not a tourist hot spot.

    • The first couple of people that asked we just blew off because we were so jaded from the vendors and such in Thailand. We felt really bad when we realized they genuinely just wanted to talk. I think those are some of the best spots to visit- the hidden gems.

  5. So many great photos! I love seeing glimpses into all the different parts of the city you travelled to. I particularly love the selfie stick fail 😉 I’d really love to go to Hanoi, it looks like such an interesting place. Do you feel like you had enough time in the city? Do you think you’d like to go back?

    • I could probably do a whole post of selfie stick fails. The biggest fail is that I almost always forget to bring it on trips. I feel like we had enough time to see everything in the city, I know there is a lot more to see further out. I would go back to hang out in the old quarter and people watch alone.

    • It was SO crazy! I looked it up and apparently 95% of registered vehicles in Vietnam are scooters. Cars are a rare to see besides taxis. Apparently the government has really, really high taxes on cars so most people can only afford scooters.

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