Five on Friday: I heart Tasmania

Happy Friday!

This week has been quite a doozy. Travis abandoned me once again for a “training class” all week which I am pretty sure is code for secret family.

I worked the majority of the week, which included taking 5th and 6th graders to play AFL (Aussie football) against other schools all day at some fields in town. Australians are notoriously sun smart and while all these children were lathering themselves in sunscreen and making sure they had a hat on at all times, this fair skinned American was baking. It’s 8pm and I just woke up from a sunburn induced coma. Gotta kick off the weekend with a bang!

So while I nurse my poor skin with aloe vera I figured I would reflect back on last weekend when the weather was cool and my husband and I were in the same post code.

Ah Tasmania- we absolutely fell in love with you. We took a little extended weekend trip to this island Aussie state to check out the tulip festival and do a little coastal road tripping, what we found was so much more.

I will write plenty more about Tasmania in a separate post (if I ever finish wrapping up our Asia adventures), but until then here are my five favorite moments from last weekend.

Honeymoon Bay

DSC_0108I had never even heard of this place, but the first day on our way back from checking out the popular Wineglass Bay we saw a sign and decided to see what it was. I am so glad we did. It was a beautiful little bay within the larger Cole’s Bay. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and enjoyed a little stroll before watching the sunset over the ocean. It was the perfect introduction to Tassie.

Low-key Night at the Beach House

DSC_0134 (1) We spent that first night at an Air BnB in a tiny beachside town. We picked up dinner (and a bottle of wine) and hung out at the house playing many a round of Battleship. It was so nice to just unplug and hang out together without all the distractions of technology and household chores that tend to steal your attention you when you are at home. Plus when is the last time you played Battleship?! I love a good family game night.

Bay of Fires


The next day we headed out early to find the famed Bay of Fires. There are several beaches along the bay, but I am pretty sure we found the most beautiful one. I mean, look at that sand. The road to get here was closed due to bush fires so we had to take a much longer back route. We were running low on gas and eating up a lot of our limited time so we debated turning back around several times. I am SO glad we didn’t. This is probably my all time favorite beach we have seen. I just wish it was warm enough to take a dip.

Exploring Launceston 

Hands down my favorite part of the trip was just walking around Launceston Saturday morning. I need to move there. I feel like Rory and Loralei would live there and be my friends. Cutest town ever.

Wine with a View


We couldn’t pass up a couple stops to Tasmanian wineries while we were on our road trip. Chatting with my husband, sipping on bubbles and enjoying a cheese plate with this view was the most perfect way to end the afternoon.

I can not wait to share so much more of our trip with ya’ll in the weeks to come. We covered a lot of ground in the few days we were able to spend exploring the state, but we are dying to make a trip back soon.

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17 thoughts on “Five on Friday: I heart Tasmania

  1. Ugh you make me miss Australia so much!! We went to Tasmania last March, and now I want to go back and visit the rest of the places you listed. Cant wait to read more about your travels – enjoy your low key weekend 🙂

  2. oh my gosh! yes of course we are sun smart lol, no hat no play! highest rates of skin cancer in the world. be careful! i laughed @ secret family. i have never been to Tassie. I hope to make it one day!

  3. Looking forward to reading more about what you got up to! If circumstances allow it, I think me and M will move there at some point in the future (he’s from there and when I went to meet his family for the first time I fell in love with it too!)- I think it would be such a perfect place to bring up a family haha. Definitely agree about Launceston and Gilmore Girls!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook | Travel & Lifestyle Blog

      • It’s the same for M and me too unfortunately.. the job prospects over there aren’t great at all! We’re hoping that there might be some more FIFO opportunities in the future though.. although i’m not entirely sure about the idea of him doing fly in fly out work in the long term!

      • Yeah we pretty much have the same discussion. I always say I would rather move somewhere less desirable and be together all the time than a FIFO situation, especially when we have kids. But then I know so many people that do it and love it.

  4. Beautiful! I loved Tassie SO much, but definitely didn’t see enough of it. You went to some pretty places! Bay of Fires is the kind of place I could happily sit all day. What a view. We drove through Launceston in quite a hurry so didn’t get to see it, but I wish we’d been able to stick around. Look forward to reading about where else you went 🙂

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