Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition 

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week over here between working full time in a Prep (Kindergarten) classroom and getting ready for the first of two sets of visitors this month.

Here are my favorites from the past week…

1. Good Food and Wine Show  Emily Anne kindly gave us their tickets to the Good Food and Wine Show in Brisbane on Saturday since she was going to be out of town. We didn’t go last year so we really didn’t know what to expect from the event. When you get there you have the option to buy a $6 wine glass among other handy souvenirs (such as a necklace to hold your wine glass while you walk around), then you walk into a huge convention centre filled with all sorts of vendors handing out samples of (you guessed it) food and wine. With your handy dandy mini wine glass the samples tend to be pretty generous too.

Our favorite part was all of the different Australian wine regions had their own sections and we got to visit the booths of some of the wineries we have visited in McClaren Vale, Barossa Valley and the Granite Belt. We even got to chat for a while with one of the winemakers we met on our trip. Overall, a great Saturday afternoon.

2. Halloween Hens Party  

*A hens party is non-American English for bachelorette party*

My friend, Monique, had a second hens party Saturday night in Brisbane, which was great since I was unable to attend her original one in Sydney a few weeks ago. Since it was Halloween we all got dressed up and had dinner and drinks at a new restaurant in the Valley called Sin Vida. The whole restaurant is Day of the Dead themed and they accordingly went all out for Halloween. The food was really good and we followed the meal up by dancing to the bride’s wedding band who were playing at a nearby bar. Also, considering I put my costume together last minute I think it turned out pretty well… Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone with sprinkles?! Can’t wait to celebrate with everyone at the wedding in a few weeks!

3. Pantene ProV Light Detangling Spray 


Source: Walgreens

I don’t normally post about products, but I’m making an exception. My hair is a rats nest and takes forever to get a brush through after a shower, so I am always in need of a good detangler. I had run out of my fancy birch box inspired bottle (my previous purchases were always kids detangling sprays…) and just picked this up at the grocery store. I noticed my hair has felt really soft lately and just thought maybe I had finally nailed the art of washing my hair correctly (half the time I zone out and repeat a step or skip one). Then I noticed the back of this bottle says it’s also a leave in conditioner- mystery solved! Are all detanglers also leave in conditioners and I have just missed the memo?!

Anyways, if you are eight years old and use detangler like me- check out this product.

4. Fixer Uppers


Source: HGTV

I know I’m a year late to the game on this, but I live in a country without HGTV. I’m currently obsessed with watching the first season on Netflix while I am doing things around the house. It’s the perfect cure for the little bout of homesickness I have been experiencing. They are the most adorable family and I want Joanna to come decorate my apartment. Do you think she will fly over here for that?

Fun fact: I lived in Waco for a hot minute on my tour of Texas universities.

5. Bible Study  

Some girlfriends and I started a bible study group last week. We are reading the book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lisa Terkeurst and really loving it so far. Even though we had to cancel this week for various reasons, I’m so excited for this community to evolve :).

Have a great weekend! Our friend Sean gets here today for a two week visit, and I can’t wait to play tour guide and show off Oz!

As usual, linking up with Heather and Andrea.

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition 

  1. girl the number one reason we don’t want to move back home is because i cannot live without my hgtv. hahaha jk but seriously, it’s up there. i LOVE that you called it a hens party 🙂 your costume is adorable! the food and wine show sounds so fun.

  2. The food and wine show sounds like so much fun, especially the generous servings! So glad that you can get caught up on Fixer Upper! I love Chip and Jo so much, they’re the cutest couple and they always redesign all those houses so beautifully!

  3. You should have got the wine necklace haha! I would have loved to see that. And I don’t know if I already said it on insta, but I loved your Halloween costume! You could totally wear the sprinkle dress again 😉

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