Sights of Singapore {Part 1}

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Not even two weeks after we returned from Thailand and Vietnam, Travis was told he needed to go to Singapore for work.  Schools in Brisbane were on holiday, so there was no possibility of me getting to work those days, so Travis sneakily booked a flight for me to tag along after convincing me it wasn’t going to happen. I was pretty excited to check off another Southeast Asian country even if it meant having to explore the majority of it solo.

It was a brief trip, but I still got to cover quite a bit of the small island/city/country. Here’s a little of what we saw…

Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay


Pretty much the number one attraction when you google “What to do in Singapore”  this sight did not disappoint. The 205 acre green space includes multiple indoor gardens, kids areas and my favorite the grove with 25-50 meter tall “supertrees” that are actual gardens with over 200 species of plants growing on them. At night they are lit up to provide a feast for the eyes. As we walked around our first night I kept saying that I felt like I was in another world.


It was the last day of the F1 races when we arrived so the entire Marina was buzzing with excitement.


Singapore Botanical Gardens 


Walking distance from our hotel were the #2 and #3 attractions in Singapore, the botanical gardens and orchid garden. We scoped those out on a hot and humid morning. Even with the muggy weather we enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful flora.

My favorite were the VIP and Celebrity orchid gardens that had special orchid hybrids that the Singapore named after State visitors and other VIPS. Shown below are the William Catherine orchid and the Princess Diana.


Next on the list to check out was Chinatown. Singapore has an excellent mass transit system so getting from place to place was a breeze. Cabs were also very inexpensive if we needed to get anywhere off the train tracks.

As soon as you walk out of the train station you feel as though you are in a different world than the concrete, high rise filled downtown. Colorful buildings, street vendors and hawker centers are a plenty. I returned the following day to take a Singaporean cooking class (but more on that later).


DSC_0123 (1)

Flower Dome 

The last place I will cover today is the Flower Dome. This was one of two indoor gardens at the Gardens by the Bay. The other, Cloud Forest, was closed for maintenance on the day we were there.

The flower dome is exactly what it sounds like- a dome filled with flowers. It was still pretty impressive and there are cute restaurants within the dome. You can see now why the call Singapore “the garden city.”

Sidenote: If you noticed the sky was particularly white in my pictures, no I didn’t over edit them, the smog was really bad while we were there. Neighboring Indonesia still burns their fields to clear out crops (or something?) and the smoke pollutes the air in Singapore. A couple days after we left they even had to shut down schools and businesses it was so bad.

That’s all for today, next time I will fill you in on the rest of what we saw and what I did on my solo adventure in Singapore. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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24 thoughts on “Sights of Singapore {Part 1}

  1. I love those sky trees! So pretty. Looks like you had a very botanically themed trip, which would be right up my alley. Re the smog – I think it’s Indonesia burning land (and rainforest….) so they can plant palm oil plantations. The fires have gotten way out of hand this year and it’s all a bit worrying, especially with allegations of corruption and the authorities turning a blind eye to illegal burning due to the profitability of palm oil…. Oooh this is getting a bit political, I’ll stop!

  2. Beautiful photos. I think I would most like to visit China Town (and Little India…is that a place?) and the flower dome. We currently live in Japan and I have seriously been considering taking the girls to Singapore but I am a little nervous about the cost there as I hear its pretty pricey.

    • Thanks! Yes, I wrote about Little India in my second post on Singapore (I am a little behind on comments over here). It was not cheap, that’s why we took advantage of my husband having to be there for work. You can eat amazing food for super cheap in the hawker centers and the taxis are cheap, but everything else is not.

  3. Those gardens are absolutely spectacular! I can’t even fathom how they put all of those together, and everything really does look other worldly! I love visiting botanical gardens when I’m in other cities! It’s one of those things that’s always beautiful, no matter what!

  4. Andrea On Vacation says:

    I’ve only been there during the day (on a long layover) but night time looks spectacular in the gardens!!! I can’t wait to hear about the cooking class.

  5. Joanna - Me-And-My-Itchy-Feet says:

    We also experienced that smog in Thailand. And it was horrible. I can’t even imagine what people in Indonesia are going through :/ Singapore looks amazing, though. And I love the super giant trees and the houses in China Town.

  6. I had no idea that Singapore was called the garden city, but I can definitely see why! So many pretty flowers and gardens! It’s a shame about that smog though! So awesome that you got to take a last minute surprise trip over to Singapore πŸ˜€

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