Life Lately

Life lately has been a whirlwind, but it has been crazy in the best way possible.

When I last left off with real time events, our friend Sean was in town and I was busy showing him around and touring Australia.

After that, we attended my friend Monique’s wedding where we were classy as usual in the photo booth…

I might need to rethink our Christmas card options. #jaydenlovesmonique

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on

// next day we dropped Sean off at the airport only to return 24 hours later to pick up our next set of visitors. Our friends, Thomas and Jenn, who we refer to as our “roomies” because when we were all just dating the boys lived together and the four of us spent a lot of time together in the old townhouse.   Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.47.03 PM They were only in Brisbane a short time so I tried to show off Brissy as efficiently as possible- in three days we explored the city, antiqued, hung out with the roos, had a real Aussie BBQ, hiked in a national forest, hung out on a mountain, visited a winery for a tasting and took the City Cat ferry (our favorite form of public transportation) as much as possible. IMG_3646 The “bromates” with the Old Mates wine Travis ordered specifically for this visit. 

IMG_3583 DSC_0537 IMG_3578 My friend Erin was in town visiting her sister so she got to come along with us one day. 

Just two Texan gal pals casually strolling through the neighborhood in matching ensembles. #notplanned #boosandroos A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


Oh and we also wore matching outfits. Not on purpose of course.

Oh and at some point during the week I took pictures of my friend’s daughter for her first birthday. Which was an interesting experience because the only real human I ever take pictures of is Travis and he is usually posing in some comedic fashion. They turned out good though even though we were pretty much melting in the 90 degree weather at 7am.

DSC_0526 (1)

Then on Thanksgiving we hopped on a plane and headed to Bali. I had booked a villa on Airbnb months ago during a planning spree and hadn’t even looked at it since. So you can imagine my excitement when I walked in and saw this…

// for less than we pay for a subpar “boutique” hotel room in Australia (#IloveAsia). I had completely forgotten how incredible the place was, or maybe I tried to not think about it because I was subconsciously worried it wouldn’t live up to the pictures. Either way it was by the first Airbnb that not only met the expectations but greatly exceeded them. We hung out in Bali for the weekend, but it was not nearly long enough (more posts to come, I assure you).

Happy Thanksgiving from Bali! Loving spending time in paradise with the Bullards. #BromatesGiving A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


We landed around midnight on Sunday and when I went back to work on Monday after three weeks off I was wishing I was here…

Travis had the sassiest drink. #BromatesGiving #bluefriday

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


Jenn and Thomas headed to Hamilton Island (where T.Swift is also hanging out right now!!!) and Trav and I got back into our weekday routine. Now I am hopping back on a plane to Sydney tomorrow after work to hang out before they head back to America. I have been told a Christmas concert at the Opera House is in the plans so I am not complaining one bit.

Only one more week of school and then we are heading back to Texas for the holidays!!! Can’t wait to eat all the queso, wear winter clothes and shop at a real Target!! What has everyone else been up to? Hopefully getting a little more rest than me.

16 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Seriously after seeing your snap chats I actually said out loud to my husband, “we HAVE TO GO TO BALI SOMEDAY” Omg, beautiful! That little pool window? That was the coolest thing ever. But WOW are you busy!!!! I don’t know how you do it. We have visitors like every 4 months and it wipes me out lol.

    And those Kangaroos kill me!! SO cute!!!!!

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