Tasmania’s Tulip Festival

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Last week I told you about our road trip up the east coast of Tasmania, but what I didn’t explain was the reason behind our trip. Travis saw a picture somewhere of the Blooming Tulips festival in Tasmania, and that alone inspired us to book our trip for that very weekend in October.

Once we left Bay of Fires we headed inland towards Table Cape, the home of the tulip festival. We made a couple pitstops including one at this spooky abandoned church and cemetery.




A short three hours later we drove through the small town of Wynyard and followed the signs to the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival.

To be fair when we heard of this festival we pictured fields upon fields of tulips all over the countryside. It was more like a couple large farms (one main one) filled with tulips. At first we were disappointed but then we decided to make the best of it and enjoy the beatiful flowers.




Just a man in a sea of tulips. Nothing to see here.


Of course we had to get a picture with the “Curly Sue” in honor of his gorgeous locks.



After taking one million pictures we drove up to the lighthouse and admired the view over the Bass Strait which separates Tassie from the rest of Australia.



We had a lovely day driving through the countryside of Tasmania and spending the afternoon checking out the tulip fields (even if it was another example of our 85% rule). As we drove to Launceston we were ready to get to our next stop and do some exploring on foot for a bit. And that we did! This post is a little short because I wanted to make a whole post dedicated to Launceston and how stinkin cute it was. So be on the lookout for that later this week :).

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34 thoughts on “Tasmania’s Tulip Festival

  1. Joanna - Me-And-My-Itchy-Feet says:

    So beautiful, so colourful. I also read your post about the 85 rule. We’re the same. Or even worse 😉 But, on the other hand, I find it really cool! If you’re open and flexible, you are given the opportunity to explore places you’d otherwise never get to. And we always try to make the most of them, just like you 🙂

  2. I had no idea that Tasmania had it’s own Tulip Festival. Usually when I think of Tulips I think of Denmark, but all of those tulips look so beautiful! Even though it wasn’t what you expected, I think that it’s great that y’all made the best out of the situation!

  3. I had no idea that Tasmania has a Tulip Festival or even grew tulips! Whenever I make it to Australia (which I’ve been saying for the past 5 years…ever since my brother moved to Perth), I need to check this out! xo

  4. I can see why you’d be a little disappointed at first, but good for you for making the most of it! There really are A LOT of beautiful colorful Tulips! Looks like a blast to wander among the rainbow rows of flowers 😀

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