Lovin’ Launceston 

After our afternoon at the tulip festival, we drove to our next stop- Launceston.

Travis had booked a “charming” bed and breakfast that was less than charming to say the least (there’s that 85% again). Luckily, it was in a great location and we got to walk straight down a hill of historic homes into the city center. We walked into town and chatted up the bartender at the cider bar for suggestions on what to do with our time in Launceston.

The next morning we went to check out Cataract Gorge per the bartenders suggestion. We drove and parked but you can easily walk from the middle of town.


Cataract Gorge is a river basin that has hiking trails, a swimming pool, suspension bridge, cafe and the world’s longest chairlift that takes you to the top.


We went pretty early so the chairlift hadn’t opened yet, so we just strolled around on our own.



After our walk we ate a delicious breakfast at Cataract right along on the river. I wish I had taken pictures because not only was the food picturesque but the place itself was adorable. It also had a shop and art gallery attached to it. So charming!

We had no plans for our Saturday morning so we decided to just walk off our food as we wandered around the quaint town. That is when I absolutely fell in love. The parks, the churches, the architecture, the flowers… it is all so adorable!




Locals were everywhere, walking their dogs, heading to the market or picnicking in the park, and they all were greeting each other by name.


We made friends with this guy in the park.

We made a pitstop at the James Boag’s brewery for some souvenirs before moving on.




I was slightly obsessed with this church…



and this park that was across the street.




The whole time we were walking around Launceston we were brainstorming what we could change our careers to so that we could move there. The number 1 option is owning a bed and breakfast, although I might need to brush up on my cooking skills if I plan on serving anyone breakfast from my kitchen.

And if Launceston wasn’t perfect already, guess what is within 15 minutes from town? Wine! The Tamar Valley is home to orchards, wineries, and lots of scenic views. We stopped by the famous (and huge) Josef Cromy Winery for a tasting and to check out those aforementioned views. We weren’t hungry yet so we had to turn down a cheese platter, but I would have loved to perch on this hill and indulge next time.



Well folks, that’s all for our time in Launceston! We both agreed a trip back is in need. I could easily spend the weekend visiting wineries, walking along the gorge and just pretending to be a local. 🙂 Next up is the last Tasmania post all about Hobart!

5 thoughts on “Lovin’ Launceston 

  1. oh wow, it looks awesome! i definitely want to go there one day. that church is gorgeous. sorry about the less than charming b&b, clearly you need to open one and be the better option for everyone lol

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