Friday Favorites: Texas Edition

Happy Friday 🙂

I am still hanging out in Texas. It is starting to feel like I have been here forever, and I still have another 10 days.

Here is what I have been loving lately…

Family and Friends Time 

I have had lots and lots of hang out time with my parents now that they are living in Houston again. There have been many nights on the couch binge watching Making a Murderer and eating dinner.

We also spent time with my extended family in Midland celebrating my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary before Christmas.

We spent Christmas and the following week with Trav’s family in Victoria and made a trip to the ranch to see our furry friend Eddie.


New Years we were back in Houston staying with my parents, and my mom wanted to take advantage of my second size Rent the Runway dress for a twinsies photo op before we left.


Someone else ready for a photo op was our dog, Scout. She insisted on being right in the middle of Travis and I when we were taking a picture.


The furry friends have been getting their fair share of bonding time as well.


We also have gotten to see a lot of friends in the past few weeks, between new years and other get togethers. This weekend I am helping throw a couples shower for two of our besties that are getting married in Mexico (eek can’t wait for April!), so I will be getting more friend time in then too!




Trip Planning 


My parents are coming to visit!! They booked their flights last month and this week we sat down and did some serious planning. I am pretty jealous of their New Zealand and Hamilton Island trips they will be taking while Travis and I are at work, but all four of us will be heading up to a cottage in the Barossa Valley wine region for the Easter weekend. Nothing gets me more excited than a filled up calendar!

Baby Time


We had five different babies (of friends and family members) born while we have been gone the past year, plus toddlers that have grown up quite a bit.


This guy in particular is my best friend since high school’s son, who was born the week we landed. Luckily she lives 3 minutes away from my parents house, so I have gotten to spend lots of time with both of them so far. It’s pretty crazy to see your best friend as a mom, especially when the last time you saw her she wasn’t even pregnant!

This Cup


Now for the superficial answers of the week… I am obsessed with my new tumbler from Hobby Lobby. I feel like it looks like Ashley Brooke Designs, which I love.

This Foundation


I might be a little late to this party since after I bought this I have seen it on multiple other blogs. ANYWAY it’s the perfect weight CC cream with 50 SPF which is crucial in the Australian sun.



FYI Every Wednesday morning in January they are giving away free chicken minis to go to each customer (that asks for them) from 6-10am. Of course my mom and I hit that up this week and I will be there again next Wednesday. Give me all the chick-fil-a sauce.

As usual linking up with Life in Leggings and Momfessionals.

17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Texas Edition

  1. Caitlin Elisabeth says:

    love this and family time is the BEST! your blog is adorable i cant wait to follow more about you and your journey this year! hope you stop by mine as well!

  2. Lol ok, I LOVED your snaps of the cows haha. When the kid (is that your brother? he looks just like you!) goes “come get your treat fatty” or whatever he said lol. Soo funny. I miss driving by all those cows. And your new years dress was amazing! I’ve never tried rent the runway…but every time I have to dress up I consider it, but then never look into it. Like the last wedding I went to, I had “nothing to wear” and probably spend at least $100 on dress/jewelry/lipstick to match dress lol, I might as well try it next time.

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