Last Week in Texas

Hi friends, I’m bacccckkk!

I didn’t mean to take a two week hiatus from blogging but life got a little busy! In between squeezing in all my last visits with people in Texas, flying home and starting a new job the next day blogging took a back seat.

In case you missed my announcement at the end of our 2015 Review– I’m going back to the classroom full-time! After a year and a half of not working at all, then substitute teaching part-time I was missing the consistency of having my own classroom.

After landing Tuesday morning I hit the ground running trying to get my classroom together and figure out what the heck I’m doing this year. I will be sure to do a classroom tour post later.

Right now though I am just going to fill you in on my last week in Texas, because it was quite a busy one!

Saturday I started the weekend by chopping off 6 inches of my hair. Then I hit up my friend, Heidi, daughter’s first birthday party where I also got to see my BFF.


I had to scoot out of there pretty quickly though because I was helping host a couple’s shower in my old neighbourhood. We had so much fun at the Nacho Ordinary Couples shower celebrating the future Hundleys. I’m so excited for the wedding in Mexico in April!


Sunday I started the morning with brunch in the Heights with some of my best friends and their offspring. We had such a great time that not a photo was taken.

Immediately after that my parents, the two dogs and I took off on a 6 hour road trip to visit my grandparents in Breckenridge, Texas. Typically we avoid taking our dog, Scout, in the car for any reason because she freaks out the entire time. She has mellowed out in our old age though and was actually quite calm (besides the fact she didn’t sit down the entire time).

We had a relaxing couple days hanging out with my grandpa, his wife and their new puppy toy poodle. My dad relived his glory days and took us by his old high school and let the dogs loose on the football field.


On the way back to Houston we had to drive right through Waco so of course my mom and I insisted we stop at the Magnolia Silos. I’ve mentioned before my love of Fixer Uppers and Chip and Joanna, so clearly I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit their new store.


It was a Tuesday afternoon so luckily it wasn’t crowded at all. The silos aren’t just a store either. There’s a big grassy area for kids to play, food and coffee trucks lined up, a garden and a bakery in the works.


After making a couple purchases we picked up some Common Grounds and strolled around with the dogs.

Wednesday I got to hang out with friends and family all day and night, as my sister in law came over for dinner that evening. Thursday I had blogger date with Christine (formerly of A Keane Sense of Adventure, she’s currently rebranding now), but we were bad bloggers and didn’t take any pictures. We ate at True Food Kitchen by the galleria and it was so good!

Friday morning I woke up and headed to Austin. I met my siblings for a delicious vegan lunch before getting ready to go celebrate two of my friend’s birthdays at Punchbowl Social.

So glad I made it to Austin to celebrate these two 29yr old princesses.

A photo posted by Courtney Alkek (@courtneyalkek) on


I’ve been friends with Marilyn since sophomore year of college and Chris before that, so it was so fun being able to attend their joint birthday celebration for the first time in a few years. Pretty sure our large group was the most enthusiastic karaokers that place has ever seen.

Saturday morning I had breakfast with my friend, Sarah, who recently moved to Austin from Chicago. I hadn’t seen her since I visited here there almost five years ago when Travis and I had just started dating. I also ate the most amazing breakfast at Magnolia Cafe- scrambled eggs on English muffins covered in queso and avocado.


Once I got back into Houston, a group of friends met me at Christian’s Tailgate for one last hurrah. Next time I will see them we will be in Mexico!


The next day I hung out with my family before making the 24 hour journey home. And now you know why I haven’t had much time to blog!


PS if you are looking for the Travel Tuesday link up, we have passed the baton and you can find it on Anna from Slightly Astray’s blog.

21 thoughts on “Last Week in Texas

  1. Um girl you were busy!!! If I were you I would have crashed for like two weeks once I got home haha. I am so jealous you went to the silos!! I kept thinking I ought to go there while we were in Texas, but I’m not much of a home democator..yet as we have no home lol, I just love their show so much!! And your hair cut is SO CUTE! So fresh looking! love it.

  2. You definitely had a whirlwind couple of weeks all over Texas, and it’s great that you got to be there for a lot of celebrations! Is it possible to drive through Waco and not stop at Chip and Jo’s store? I don’t think it’s possible! I want to take a roadtrip to Waco, just so I can see it!

  3. oh my gosh, i totally always need to take time off after a vacation, life is always more hectic, plus jumping back into teaching must have made life even more hectic! love the new hairdo!

  4. Ashley Otto says:

    ???? I’m so happy and feel very special that we made the cut for your infamous blog ? I love reading your posts!!!

    Miss you already! Can’t wait to see you in 65 days!!! ❤️

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