Brisbane Weekends

Hi friends! Remember when I used to blog twice a week consistently? Yeah, me neither. I’m trying over here, I promise!

Between Trav’s crazy work travel schedule and my exhaustion from being back in the classroom, we have been laying pretty low lately. Here’s a little recap of our last two weekends in Brissy.

Let’s start back where I left off the last time I blogged

Friday night we had our standard (no pun intended) meal from Standard Market and indulged in a binge session of The Killing on Netflix, we are a little obsessed…


After our quiet night, we were pretty well rested for the weekend. We got up early Saturday and headed to the farmer’s market to pick up our fruits and veggies for the week.

One of our favourite past time on weekends were in town is strolling around different neighbourhoods, checking out the local shops and cafes and of course dream house shop. This particular Saturday we decided to venture out to picturesque Paddington.

Paddington is one of the first neighbourhoods we explored when we moved to Brisbane. It’s the cutest suburb situated on the hills looking over the city. It has loads of cute boutique shops along with more popular Australian chains and a large selection of antiques. We started off at Remy’s testing out their well known burgers. You know a place has good burgers when the menu consists of cheeseburger, plain burger and a veggie burger. I devoured mine so fast that I didn’t even get a picture.


Source: Visit Brisbane

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and popping into shops. They have a huge antique centre with lots of different vendors inside. Trav found a real steal.


So disappointed he didn’t pull the trigger on that one.

That evening we walked over to the James St area and enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at Bucci before heading to the movies. We saw Room, I hadn’t heard of it until then but it was really good. It was about a girl who is kidnapped and held hostage in garden shed for seven years. During that time she gives birth a raises a son in the tiny room. When her son, Jack, turns five he starts asking questions about the outside world and she decided it is time to try and make an escape. I don’t want to give anything else away!

The next morning we decided to play hooky from church to go to the beach. Summer is coming to an end and we haven’t spent nearly enough time on any of the beautiful beaches we have nearby.

Unfortunately the weather forecast took a turn for the worst as we were in route to the Sunshine Coast. By the time we got to Mooloolaba, the sky was dark and it was starting to sprinkle. I was not the most positive polly at this point but Trav was made the best of it and set up shop in the sand, even splashing around in the water for a while. After a while the sun decided to show its face and we got an hour or so of good weather before lunch.


Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without fish and chips for lunch. We split a seafood basket and still had room for froyo for dessert.

This past Friday, I met Travis and some of his co-workers for after work drinks in the city. We enjoyed an early Valentine’s dinner on the river overlooking the story bridge.

Saturday the weather was pretty gloomy, but we were determined to get out and do something. We started off running a couple of errands on James St before eating at my favourite burger spot  in Brisbane- Ben’s Burgers. It’s tucked away in a tiny laneway in the valley, Winn Lane, along with cute little shops and a smoothie stand.

The rain stopped and we decided to stick to our original plan go up to the botanical gardens at Mt. Cootha.

We started at the Planetarium checking out the free exhibits. As usual Travis had to read every sign.


The weather was gloomy, but the gardens were still pretty to walk through. The grounds were huge and we stumbled upon this beautiful war memorial with a perfect view of the city.

After driving around for a little while on Mt. Cootha we headed home to rest up. After all we had big plans to hit up Sunnybank, Brisbane’s real Chinatown, for dinner. We actually live walking distance from the official Chinatown but other than a couple blocks of Asian grocery stores and subpar restaurants, it isn’t much to write home about. Sunny Bank on the other hand is a vibrant mostly Asian-Australian community bursting at the seams with authentic cuisine from various Asian countries.


We had been meaning to check it out for a while and after a co-worker mentioned it to me at work last week we decided to finally bite the bullet. Sunnybank has three main shopping centres all off of one large intersection. Outside of the malls are rows and rows of restaurants. It was so fun walking around and seeing all of the different cultures and cuisines represented. It really brought us back to our trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia (and Malaysia for Trav) last year.

I thought we were never going to pick a place to try when Travis finally settled on a Malaysian restaurant he had read about. The food was delicious, in huge portions and fairly inexpensive by Australian standards. After dinner we walked around and decided to look for a Vietnamese place that sold coffee, since that was one of our favourite treats when we were over there.

IMG_3967 (1)

Luckily we found a place and we sat outside and enjoyed our coffee and the music of a local street musician. It was the perfect end to the weekend (sidetone: my skin has been out of control lately so I decided to throw caution to the wind and drink the coffee despite my recent allergy).

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, but since we already celebrated it was business as usual with church, grocery store, pool and lazy couch time.

How was your weekend?!

11 thoughts on “Brisbane Weekends

  1. I’ve heard such great things about The Killing, but I still haven’t had the chance to watch it. I’ll have to check it out on Netflix soon! It sounds like y’all have had a busy few weekends filled with lots of exploring! That sucks that the weather was looking pretty terrible when y’all headed to the beach, but at least it started to cooperate later!

  2. That is my absolute favourite way to spend a weekend too – wandering, taking photos and trying lots of different foods! YUM! I know 100% what you mean about how tiring teaching is, I’m gearing up for back to work this week and trying to soak up every moment of rest before it begins!

  3. Sunnybank is great for authentic food! Unfortunately I find it really difficult to find anything veggie and gluten-free there, but i’m on a mission to find something eventually as Michael loves Asian food! We also buy our fruit and veggies there as it’s so cheap. It sounds like you’ve been a busy bee with everything, hope you’re well!

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