Friday Favorites: Back in Brisbane Edition

Hi friends! Last time I linked up for Friday Favorites we were back home in Texas. Now we’ve been back home for a month and it’s about time I get back to it.

Travis was gone for most of the week so it was a lot of alone/girl time. Here’s my faves…

Girls Dinner

We try and get together for a girls dinner at least once a month. This month my friend, Meghan, invited us over to her new apartment for a greek themed girls night.


She went alllllll out and had quite the charcuterie platter and apps waiting for us.

As we were enjoying the spread we looked out onto the balcony and witnessed the most gorgeous sunset over the river.



Minus one- the hostess had to take the picture!


The table setting- Meghan is such a Robin Cherbatski.



I thought I took sooo many pictures but now that I look back through them, there’s really not that many and half of them are blurry. I didn’t even capture our yummy main course of greek stuffed chicken or the homemade dessert topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup (such a Canadian).

Also, Australia is having an avocado shortage right now and they are jacking up the prices up to $8 a pop. Butttt someone found a random avocado tree… Someone said to take a picture and caption it “rich in Australia.”


Such a fun night! We have already nominated Meghan to host the next one as well.


Ninja Nutriย  2 in 1

Travis and I don’t do gifts on Valentine’s Day but the weekend before we were at the appliance store and spotted this sucker on sale, he deemed it my gift. Our beloved nutribullet had finally bitten the dust in December and we have been wanting to buy a replacement so we could get back to our morning smoothie routine.

We didn’t really want to buy another nutribullet since we had had various issues with ours and it had died in just over a year. My friend had suggested the Nutri Ninja Slim since it was the perfect size for smoothies and took up less counter space. We had a Ninja blender back home (now in storage with all our other wedding gifts) so I knew they made good products.


When we went to find the Nutri Ninja I noticed an additional product included, a decent sized food processor bowl. So not only can you use the slim cup to make smoothies but you flip the base over and attach it to the food processor and you can make salsas, chopped veggies even cookie dough. This is not a sponsored post even though I sound like an absolute salesperson right now- I just am that that excited!ย I have used it now for both purposes and it works great, much more efficient than the Nutribullet. So moral of the story don’t buy me chocolate or flowers for Valentine’s Day just give me all the kitchen appliances.


I am super late to the ballgame (is that the phrase? I don’t think so) but Travis had one of these laying around he hadn’t been wearing so I thought I would try it out. I have been slightly obsessed now tracking everything from my steps to how much water I am drinking. The most eye opening has been seeing how much sleep I get at night and how often I am waking up or getting restless. I have no idea how it tracks all of that but it is making me more conscious of getting in bed at a decent hour.

Post-it Easel Pads


This is a giant teacher nerd item but I had to include it. I am a HUGE fan of making anchor charts with my class for any subject. Since school started I have had to improvise and use colored posterboard (that is probably is supposed to be for something else- oops) to make charts. BUT yesterday my budget order came in and I now have glorious giant white post-its to write on and stick wherever I please!

PS for any fellow teachers- I am doing a post on my classroom and teaching in Australia next week!

It clearly doesn’t take much to make me happy these days ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Linking up with Heather and Andrea as usual!

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Back in Brisbane Edition

  1. YESS!! Give me all the Post-It chart paper! I’m currently in my classroom and looking at my chart paper and thinking about how much I love it. I also love anchor charts. I have a few around my room. $8 FOR AVOCADOS!!!!!! Jeeze! I can get them here for 45 cents! Maybe I should send you a Texas care package filled with avocados and other Texas favorites! lol As a fellow Texan and Texas State alums we need to look out for each other! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That would be amazing. If only HEB spicy guan and buccees cake balls would travel well. They don’t really do anchor charts here and the other day a kid said “are we going to make a chart about that? We make charts about everything now!”.

  2. It sounds like you had the best girls’ night! That is one thing that I need more of in my life, especially since my husband travels for work too. I can’t believe that avocados cost that much in Australia!!! That’s such a crime, especially if you’re really craving guacamole!

  3. i don’t have a fitbit but i kind of want one.. but also not because i think i would get way too obsessed with it. lol @ the avocados. i remember when bananas were like $10 each several years ago. that was a scary time ๐Ÿ˜‰ they are cheap here but not as good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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