Baby A: The Announcement

Well if you follow me on social media you might have seen my very big announcement over the weekend. If not, here it is… 

It has been so hard keeping it on the down low over the last couple months. It’s hard to blog about your life when your life is pretty much consumed with the little person growing inside of you.

I tried to be discrete though…

like when I mentioned my burger every weekend, I didn’t mention it’s because I’m craving those suckers like crazy now


or when I posted this cheersing picture, you can’t see my glass is actually filled with apple juice


or the “errands” I referenced to running in this post, was actually just our first visit to this place (SO overwhelming)


or if you noticed I haven’t mentioned our upcoming trip to Mexico lately, it’s because it is no longer happening (stupid Zika)

or the real reason I spent the first half of my trip in Texas laying on the couch was because I had no energy or appetite


or if you noticed I didn’t get any pictures of the actual cockroach race, it’s because the minute they blew the starting whistle I get naseous and had to go sit down. That’s actually when the cockroach ran under my dress, I was just too busy trying not to faint or throw up to care

or when I haven’t mentioned any of my recent books, because my last haul looked like this


Two fiction, four pregnancy books.

or the real reason I have been sporting the fit bit, trying to see how many times I am waking up in the night and making sure I stay hydrated.


So now that we are on the same page, I can go back to sharing our (unfiltered) life with you. I will be back later this week to tell you the story of how and when we found out and all that fun stuff! Thanks again for all the well wishes and support! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Baby A: The Announcement

  1. Seriously y’all had the cutest pregnant announcement ever! It’s so perfectly Australian and so adorable! I can’t imagine keeping that big of a secret for so long, but glad you don’t have to worry about letting the cat out of the bag now!

    • Aw thanks, we knew we had to do something Aussie it just took forever to come up with what. I actually wanted to say “kangaroos outta the bag” on the pic but that idea got vetoed pretty fast. The hardest was hanging out with my friends at home and keeping it a secret.

    • Thanks! I know, honestly that was the hardest thing. I was so sad, Travis and I both were in the wedding parties too. Obviously not worth any risk to the baby, but it still sucks (especially since I was counting that as my baby moon).

  2. So exciting! Congratulations times a million! I didn’t pick up on any of those things lol.
    Not sure if you read Cup of Jo or know about the ‘motherhood around the world series’, but it’s a fascinating look at parenting in different countries as told by expats. I’m not a parent or soon to be one but I find it so interesting! This one about parenting in Australia as told by a Canadian might be relevant 🙂 The one about parenting in Cuba is my favourite though!
    So annoying about your Mexico holiday 😦 but a wise move. I’m constantly covered in mosquito bites and wondering about Zika.

    • Ah I loved that article (although I just spent way too much time reading the comments!) I can’t wait to read others! Thanks so much for sharing. Yeah, I would be so paranoid even if nothing happened I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my vacation.

  3. yay!!!!! we spent HOURS on the phone with a travel agency trying (and finally) getting our money back from a booked trip to mexico for our friends wedding. curse you zika indeed!

    yay! unfiltered life is about to get so much more fun!

    • Ugh I honestly think at was the hardest thing so far. Travis and I were both in the wedding party and the groom was the best man at our wedding and the bride was a bridesmaid. They had quite a few people have to back out though. I’m glad you got your money back. I’m so excited our due dates are so close, it will be so fun reading about each other’s pregnancies.

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