Baby A: Finding Out

So back in December we flew home to see our families for the holidays. Little did we know, we had a little stowaway on our 14 hour flight home.


I felt completely normal when we left Brisbane, so I didn’t really think I was pregnant at all. Not long after we landed in Texas, I just felt off. I was tired and didn’t have much of an appetite. I kept blaming it on jet lag and since I knew my body sooo well I just knew I wasn’t pregnant. 

Then one morning about a week and a half into our visit, I woke up and the smell and even the thought of coffee made me want to puke. This coming from someone who was drinking an average of 2-3 cups a day normally. That’s when I knew something was not quite right. Honestly though I was still in denial. I wanted it to be a baby so badly but I also didn’t want to get my hopes up just to be disappointed (which had happened a couple months before). So I waited it out a few more days (side note: this was in the middle of Christmas when we were staying with family and sharing a bathroom with multiple people, not really the easiest time to go discreetly take a pregnancy test).

After a few more days of feeling off and still no monthly friend, I decided to finally take a test. I told Travis that I just wanted to make sure because if I wasn’t pregnant I needed to go to a doctor because I just didn’t feel like my usual self.

That night (December 30th) we picked up a test on the way to dinner with some family. Of course instead a going straight home after, Travis insisted on stopping by the bar to see some friends. At that point the test was taunting me from my purse, I just needed to know. We got home around midnight and decided I would take it in the morning when it would be most accurate. Travis got ready for bed and was half asleep when I decided there was no way I could sleep without knowing, and if it was negative I could always take the second test in the morning to be sure.

So off I went to the bathroom. Sure enough I just saw one line (negative) so I started brushing my teeth feeling disappointed but not surprised. Then when I went to chunk the test I noticed the faintest second pink line. I remembered the instructions said no matter how faint it was it was positive.

I still couldn’t tell if my eyes were just playing tricks on me so I ran into the bedroom and shoved the pee stick straight in Trav’s face, waking him up. I was whisper shouting (since my parents were sleeping down the hall) “HOW MANY LINES DO YOU SEE?!”. He was so confused, he kept saying “um maybe two but it’s really light” he wasn’t convinced at all by the vague line so he told me to go to sleep and take another one in the morning.

I’m pretty sure I got like 5 minutes of sleep that night. First thing I did when I woke up was run to the bathroom and take the second test. Two dark pink lines stared back at me almost immediately. I ran back in the room and showed Travis my much more official positive test. We both were pretty much in shock and laid in bed for a long time just soaking it in.


In case you were following the timeline, it was now December 31st aka New Years Eve, and we had big plans for the night which included a fancy ballroom countdown and open bar. We spent the evening silently celebrating with each other and devising plans to get me fake drinks so people wouldn’t catch on. It was definetly a New Years I will never forget. I also could go the rest of my life without seeing a soda water with lime.


We kept it a secret between the two of us for a couple more days. I wanted to tell my parents before Travis went back to Australia (on the 2nd) since I was staying with them the next two weeks and there was no way I could keep it a secret from them.

On Travis’ last day we kept going to tell them and people kept showing up at the house, my brother, all of his friends, my sister in law and her fiancé… we could not get a moment alone with them. FINALLY the house was quiet and my mom decided to embark on a 1 hour phone conversation with Rick from Apple Care that only ended when we dragged her off the phone so we could drive Travis to the airport.

So on the way to the airport, as my mom is driving on the highway, we told them. I discreetly just said “are you guys ready for your flight to Australia in March? I hope it’s not too bad because you are going to do it again in August.” It took a few minutes of awkward silence before my mom put it together and immediately started hopping up and down in her seat and shaking the steering wheel (so much my dad had to reach over and grab it). They were sooo excited and shocked as they thought we still had too much traveling to get out of our systems before settling down.

After Trav left I told a couple more of my best friends and then kept it under wraps. Because I’m a big dummy we didn’t get travelers insurance when we went home, so unless I wanted to spend thousands out of pocket on one appointment I had to wait two weeks until I was back in Brisbane to go to the doctor.

During that two week wait, I got a surprise package in the mail from Amazon…


At first I thought it was my best friend, but when I called to thank her she said it wasn’t her. Travis tried to deny it at first but then he admitted it was his doing. I’ve loved having my little belly book to document this journey so far and Trav loves reading his book and sharing all of his newfound knowledge with me.

It was the most unnerving two weeks of waiting, but it was so worth it when we got to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat at our first appointment (at almost 11 weeks). After that appointment we told the rest of our family and our close friends.


Yes, that’s Travis playing a celebratory didgeridoo tune in the back.

So the moral of the story is if you are going overseas please get travelers insurance, and if you might be pregnant or getting pregnant, get pregnancy cover.

I promise the blog won’t be allll baby talk from here on, but I will be sharing periodic updates as the pregnancy progresses.

Have a great weekend, I am catching a super early flight to meet me parents in Sydney tomorrow and I am soooo excited!!

40 thoughts on “Baby A: Finding Out

  1. This is going to sound really weird but I almost cried reading this. I know I don’t technically know you but I feel like I do because of our blogs! I’m just so happy for you and Travis and the way you wrote these memories down is so beautiful and will be cherished forever I’m sure! Xxx

    • Aw Carly!! We really do need to have our date in Brisbane soon! Thanks, I wasn’t sure if people would actually enjoy reading all of it but it was more for my sake. I know I would forget all the details if I didn’t write them down.

  2. Obviously LOVE this!! It is strangely similar to us, finding out while visiting family far away and being able to tell parents in person 🙂 Best surprise ever!! YAY!!!!! xo

  3. UM, please promise the blog does become baby talk because I LOVE IT! I won’t be having a baby for at least…three more years but I’m dying to so please, bring on all the baby talk for me. I love it. This is such a cute story!!! I can totally imagine not being able to sleep through the night like that. Even if my period is like 1 day late, my mind is always thinking about it like going through crazy scenarios in my head lol. And your little ig announcement with the kangeroo was SO fricking cute! Your baby is going to looove that someday.

  4. I think it’s great that you were able to tell your parents in person. I bet they are so excited! And I for one cannot wait to follow along with all the baby news! Just think your little one could potentially have the cutest Australian accent! lol

  5. ? Such a cute story!! I found out the night before we left for a 2.5 week vacation to Europe. I was drinking a beer, packing my suitcase, when I realized I was late. Like, two months and some change late (ha, oblivious much?). Finished the beer, took the test… Nothing showed up. Was bummed. Went back to packing then decided to look again. Sure enough, a very faint second line had appeared! I wanted so badly to see a doctor asap for confirmation, but had to wait until after vacay. I was about 11 weeks pregnant when I finally saw a doctor!

  6. i am jumping up and down in my seat 🙂 i love this so much. i had a false positive once (or perhaps it wasn’t false, and it was chemical or whatever) and i did the same thing to KC – shoved it under his nose HOW MANY LINES DO YOU SEE haha. i also love that you were able to tell your parents in person. i am not looking forward to telling my mum if/when the time comes and doing it on the phone or skype. sigh. but anyway. i love that you found out on NYE and were able to do the fake drink thing. seriously. i am going to love following along like a creep. the didgeridoo made me laugh so hard.

    • Aw thanks! We didn’t see Trav’s mom before we left so we had to settle for a FaceTime reveal which ended up pretty funny because she didn’t realize we were on FaceTime because Travis just had the ultrasound on the screen so she just kept saying “what am I looking at? Who’s is this?!” Fake drinking is part hilarious and part terrible. The worst was the night I drank virgin Moscow mules. I felt so sick in the end from the sugar.

  7. omgggg i’m just so so so excited for you!!!!!! i can’t believe we are so close in due dates too – yay! this has inspired me to write a “finding out” story more specifically than i was planning on so thank you!

    we also found out right as we boarded (not as long of a flight as yours) to hop from TX to my in-laws then MO to my see family. we basically had the plane ride to soak it all in before bursting out and telling every. it was a whirlwind. i feel you on a somewhat crap new years – ha!

    YAY! so excited for you all!!!

  8. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy the pregnancy, it is a lovely time in your life – your post reminded me of when we told our parents last Christmas. They also immediately booked flights over to Melbourne for a few weeks after the baby was born. Our daughter is 8 months old now and it is crazy how fast it has gone! Also re:soda and lime, yes you will be SO sick of that by the end of the 9 months!

  9. Congrats again! That’s so funny that you knew for sure that you weren’t pregnant and it wasn’t until you didn’t want to drink coffee that you thought that you might be. I think that I would have the same reaction if the though of chips and salsa grossed me out!

  10. Biana Perez says:

    Oh my gosh what an awesome story of how you guys found out!! congratulations on little baby and I love the NYE that you’ll never forget! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  11. Omg I’m SO behind, but congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and I smiled the whole time catching up on the baby A posts! I love the story of the pregnancy tests and of drinking the fake drinks at the NYE party, haha!! I’m so excited to keep up with your journey and I wish you the smoothest, best pregnancy! 🙂 x

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