Baby A: Month 4 Bumpdate

Ah the second trimester, the magical time I was waiting for since I took the test. Not only do you supposedly feel better, but it’s the time most people share the good news AND you start showing that little baby bump off.

As I was finishing the first trimester I was already starting to feel much better to be honest, and so far trimester two has been pretty awesome. So let’s recap month number four (weeks 14-17)…


And yes I realize it looks like my little bump disappears in Week 15 but I assure you it was just the shirt. Also, week 15 and 16 were taken in the morning and the other two in the evening. My belly grows a lot during the day, so I should probably start taking these around the same time…

How far along:

18 weeks (and 2 days)

Baby Size: 

Sweet Potato


We find out next week!!

  • 2nd Doctor’s Visit- he said baby was looking great and we got to see him/her again on the ultrasound. They looked like a real person this time!
  • Scheduled our Anatomy scan for the 22nd while my parents are still here. We will find out then if Baby A is a he or she. Any creative gender reveal ideas?!!
  • Shared the good news with all of you! It was exciting and slightly terrifying to put our announcement on the World Wide Web, it was kind of fun keeping a secret for a while. I’ve been so touched though by everyone’s excitement and support!
  • Flying to Sydney to meet my parents for the weekend!
  • Spending last weekend with my parents in Brisbane after their week in New Zealand.
Maternity Clothes:

The bump definetly made its debut this month.

For the longest time I felt like I was in this stage…


Week 17 brought the belly to a whole new level though. I couldn’t believe it when Emily Anne took my belly pic for me and I saw it. I kept asking my girlfriends that were over if that is what I really looked like. I guess that’s what people were talking about when they say their belly “popped.”

I can still button (barely) most of my pants but they are super uncomfortable by the end of the day. I started doing the hair tie trick with my jeans in week 14 and even busted out the belly band with a couple work pants in week 15. It’s getting harder to get comfortable in anything with a waistband that’s not elastic.

I did stock up on some looser fitting non-maternity skirts and flowy tops at cotton on, and my mom brought me some maternity leggings and tanks when she came.


I was feeling pretty tired at the beginning of the trimester which I thought was the opposite of what was supposed to happen. After talking to my doctor and going over my blood work I have started re-taking an iron supplement. Originally he said to not worry about it since it made  nauseous and most people get enough iron anyway. But I was on the lower end of normal so back on it I got, and my energy picked up in return.

Hormones x 100. I was probably the least emotional person during the first trimester and didn’t cry once. This month anything slightly stressful makes me burst into tears (ie. picking out a stroller, missing my flight, apartment hunting). I’m not normally a big crier and I do not like this symptom at all.


becoming more difficult and I spent the first half of the month trying to get comfortable, falling asleep, then having to get up and pee. Luckily this got better towards week 15.


Burgers, chocolate, gelato… Oh and cold fruit (thankfully).


Luckily I have girlfriends that will join me in late night gelato runs (twice in the past 2 weeks).


alcohol (which works out nicely), black coffee, shrimp


For the most part 3-4 times a week, either weights or long walks (outside and on the elliptical or treadmill), I’ve tried jogging several times but it is pretty uncomfortable so I’m sticking to a fast pace walk. It is rough getting out of bed in the morning but I always feel so much better when I get some type of exercise in.

Missing Anything:

runny yolk and smoked salmon. I’m going to go to town on some eggs Benedict after mid August.

Looking Forward To:

Finding out the gender in a couple weeks, although I’m pretty convinced it’s a boy. Travis coming home today!! He’s been in Texas 2.5 weeks for work. Oh and my birthday tomorrow!


Nada and based on the location of my placenta the doctor thinks it might be a few more weeks until I feel anything.

Nursery Progress:

Ha! As much as we love our apartment we have decided it is not going to work post baby. So pretty soon we need to figure out where the heck we are going to live. Not stressful at all…

I can’t believe month 5 will bring the half way point AND the gender!!

22 thoughts on “Baby A: Month 4 Bumpdate

  1. Lovr these baby updates! It’s giving me baby fever again. 🙂 Getting comfortable while sleeping is so hard when pregnant! The Boppy body sleeping pillow really helped me. I got it in the fifth month, and it improved my sleep. By months 8 & 9, it was absolutely mandatory for me as it provided support between my legs and alleviated pain on whatever hip I was laying on. Definitely worth the investment!

    • Thanks! I think that will be my next purchase. It’s uncomfortable on my back (and I guess I shouldn’t do that anyway) but then on either side my shoulder or hips start hurting. Right now I am just doing the pillow between the legs trick but half the time I wake up with it on the floor.

  2. YAY!! I can’t wait to hear if Baby A is a boy or girl! And it’s great that your parents get to be there with you for the announcement. Ok so for gender reveal, I think my favorite thing I’ve seen is loading balloons with confetti and popping them! I just think it’s so darn fun and cute. 🙂

  3. ahhhhh how exciting!!! you look so cute with your little bump. pretty sure that’s what my stomach looks like after lunch. lol just kidding. wow, moving as well?! eep! good luck!

  4. I wonder how they choose the food items to compare your baby to?! Anyway… Congrats on reaching the second trimester, here’s hoping it continues to be awesome. Particularly in the house hunting arena!

  5. you are SO cute! i am also so impressed that you can still mostly button your pants – i did the hair tie trick starting like week 9, my bloat was real and extreme. now i live in my 1 pair of maternity pants and excited for summer for maxi dresses.

    ps. we will be putting our baby in the second bedroom’s walk in closet in our new apartment HA!

    • HA I spoke too soon, this week I wasn’t even close to zipping let alone buttoning my pants. I am rocking the belly band on my jeans now. My best friend sent me some cute white maternity jeans for my birthday and I can’t wait until it cools off more because I will live in them. I am in the opposite boat and I can’t wait until winter to wear leggings every day!

  6. Finding work clothes while pregnant was the worst part of my pregnancy! (So I probably shouldn’t complain… haha). H&M and ASOS I found pretty good and not expensive. Oh and we ended up moving about 3 weeks before our baby was born, so I hear you on the stress front! We procrastinated about buying anything for the nursery until we moved, which meant we didn’t have a lot when she arrived… although I suppose it made us realise what you actually do and don’t need!

    Enjoy the gender reveal, that is so exciting!

    • Ugh I HATE getting dressed for work! I have been looking online at both places and just need to bite the bullet and order some things. 3 weeks?! Yeah that is stressful, that’s why I wanted to get it out of the way sooner even though I am so sad to leave our apt. Well if you have any advice on what you actually don’t need- I am all ears!

  7. So excited for you for the big gender reveal! Also, have you said anything to the kids you teach or have they said anything to you about the bump? Kids can be so funny and excited about pregnancies!

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