Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

I’ve been a little lazy slash pregnancy  posting all over the blog, so this like two weeks worth of favorites in one post.

Friday Favorites 01

1. Chocolate covered honeycomb


I bought this for my parents (who am I kidding?) when they got to Brisbane last Friday. Best. Chocolate. Ever.

2. Showing my parents my home


It’s been SO fun toting them around Brisbane last weekend and beginning of the week (they are at the Great Barrier Reef right now). It’s so fun showing them where we live and they have fallen in love with Brissy. And yes, my dad insisted on this pose in front of the Brisbane sign.

3. Instant lattes


The thought of black coffee (my usual go to at home) still makes me want to gag and I can’t justify paying $4 for a latte or flat white at the coffee shop every morning. I saw these instant lattes on sale at the grocery store the other day and figured I would give them ago. I have the hazelnut flavor and it’s quite tasty! Also, not sure if it’s because I haven’t been drinking as much caffeine or the pregnancy but just 1/3 or even 1/4 of a cup has me so hyped up.

4. Mount Tamborine

Saturday afternoon was a doozy in Brisbane, like soooo hot. I knew it was going to be slightly miserable doing anything in the city so I made the executive decision to head 45 minutes out of town and up Mount Tamborine. The weather was instantly several degrees cooler and the breeze on the mountain felt amazing. We had drinks with these guys overlooking the stunning view, popped into some shops and did a short hike to Curtis Falls before calling it a day and heading home. I need to do a whole post on my Mount Tamborine favorites because it’s always a hit with visitors.

5. Birthday Celebrations

Tuesday was my birthday and I was spoiled by just about everyone! At school my kids showered me with sweet handmade cards, flowers and enough chocolate and gummies to keep me content for a good while (although the dent I have placed in them already is embarrassing). I seriously have the sweetest class.

My parents came up towards the end of the day and got to see my classroom and meet all of my students. After school they said they were hungry so I took them for a special birthday treat (my mom’s birthday is the day after mine so it was a joint celebration). We went to my very favorite place- Chester Street Bakery.  They make the most mouth watering creative treats, if you don’t believe me check out their Instagram @chesterstreetbakery. We split a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake while my mom and I had coffees and my dad ticked another Australian beer (really he just adds them to a note in his phone).


IMG_4794 For dinner Travis joined us at our favorite Indian spot where we shared a few yummy curries. I’m so glad he finally made it home after being in the US for over two weeks. We had a great night which ended in us getting caught in the rain on the walk home.

6. Triple Friend Birthday

The celebration didn’t end on Tuesday either, on Thursday several of us got together to celebrate my birthday along with two other friend’s birthdays from the past week. We had cheese and wine (not me, duh) at Emily Anne’s before a yummy Greek dinner at Atalanta and followed it with cake back at the apartment. Perfect girls night.

That’s all for this week, folks. I will be back Monday before the big gender reveal for some predictions…

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